Dear Gaming Readers,

All right, you may not consider yourself a gamer. My favorite games as a child included Ms. Pac-Man, Centipede, and Galaga. But our world is changing. Our culture is changing, especially the gaming world. We live in a world where technology is improving and accelerating. You can choose to learn, or you can stay complacent. It’s a choice.

We are on some device.

I remember this beautiful experience. Pierre’s grandma, Ethel, asked if we could bring our laptop to her house. At the age of 90, she was curious of what Google meant. What does this computer do? What can she look up? And we showed her. She was tickled and wanted to research the statistics on malaria because there was an outbreak. How cool was that precious moment?

I got my first cell phone when I was pregnant. I wanted to contact Pierre when I went into labor.

And kids gravitate towards technology. You can try to fight it. I know that from experience. I would say as far as parenting goes – Pierre and I agree wholeheartedly that the gaming is the biggest struggle, battle and cause of tension in our household.

We set rules. And the boys want to push. They didn’t have enough time. The WI-fi signal went out or was too slow. The new game took forever to load. They have a few more levels. They are winning. The game isn’t finish. If they turn it off, they lose everything. Sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacherWah. Wah. Wah.

I had energy healers tell me it’s violent and aggressive. Take it away. And guess what? We tried. It didn’t work.

Two more energy shifters came in with a new perspective:

One shared, “Technology is Gabriel’s passion. Anything that includes creating games, new technology is Gabriel’s forte. It’s his future career.” I was getting conformation.

Another energy shifter shared, “Dear, you are looking at this all wrong. Embrace the games. Encourage the games. Listen to Gabriel’s views on the games. Don’t resist it or take it away. It’s what Gabriel identifies with. Gabriel wrestles with his internal world through games as you wrestle with your internal word through writing. It’s no different.”

WOW! I saw it from my perspective. I was caught in a duality paradigm – good/ bad. But I gained insight and wisdom on a whole new level!

Does that sound familiar?

Children are doing the same thing through games. They wrestle with their internal world to gain peace, satisfaction, and joy! We may not understand it, but remember, everyone has their own unique journey. We all have our own orchestrated journey. May we respect a different journey, a different fork in the road, a different adventure. And may we learn from their journey. Thankfully, I just gained gaming wisdom!

Gaining gaming wisdom,