Dear Heartfelt Readers,

By understanding my family experiences, I hope it helps you understand yours too.

Gabriel had his first cranial sacral session. As he laid on the table, I laid on the comfy ground next to him. His eyes locked with my eyes. Gentle healing hands going into his scars, skin, fascia, organs, nervous system. I felt the pattern of his pain from surgery. The trauma that imprinted his nervous system. He said he’s had 15 surgeries. Gazing out the tipi, admiring the day of light, the warmth of sunshine on my skin, the gentle breeze. Feeling his pain. Remembering the panic in OR the day that he was born. His first words he heard… His memories of pain. As Gabriel released, I fell into a peaceful sleep, knowing his nervous system is returning to a healing place. No longer does he need to carry that pattern of pain.

As he is healed, I’m healed. As I’m healed, he is healed.

We are truly one. The synchronicity of a healing journey captivates me and leaves me in utter awe.

I weep from the beauty as every chain is broken, and my heart opens expansively to love and peace.

With Love,