Dear Traveling Readers,

Pierre and I have a love for travel. It’s what we did lots of when we were first married. There was Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, France, North Carolina, California, Florida, Texas, and New York.

And we slowed down once we had kids. Pierre traveled by himself to France and conferences out of state and out of the country. I explored Tuscany with my Aunt. And then there was North Africa and the Amalfi Coast.

Our boys love to travel, whether it’s back to New Orleans or the Northern California area of Monterey, San Francisco, Carmel or Hawaii. Recently they were stimulated by the bright lights, sounds and music in Las Vegas. And they fell in love with the Grand Canyon, Arizona and Palm Springs. But they didn’t want to get off the cruise ship because they were having too much fun.

Pierre surprised me with a Mother’s Day Gift to Bora Bora and Australia. Very thankful. I keep dreaming of my return and looking at Airbnb’s for a month in Bora Bora to write.

Now, Pierre surprised Gabriel.

Gabriel just completed his first year in high school. And he is on the wait list for his 14th surgery this summer. But in the meantime, Pierre made other plans. He surprised Gabriel with two weeks of those two exploring Amsterdam and Paris. In fact, Pierre wants to show Gabriel where he went to college for his year abroad.

Gabriel shared, “Mom, you just went to Bora Bora and Australia. Now I get to go to Paris and Amsterdam. Can you believe this?”

School ended yesterday and today I dropped Gabriel off at the airport to meet his dad in the Netherlands. Needless to say, I sensed his nervousness. Gabriel revealed, “Flying internationally is a lot different than domestic.” He noticed people traveling to Saudi Arabia and Bangkok and all over the world.

I expounded, “You are going to do great. It’s a straight flight. 10 hours. Watch TV, listen to music, read a book. Your backpack has everything that you need. Speak up like I do and ask questions. This is an incredible experience that will broaden your horizons.”

They wouldn’t let me walk him through security and his gate because I didn’t bring Lucas’s passport. The flight attendant took him. I asked her name. Then I looked her in the eye and declared, “Elizabeth, you got my son. Take good care of him.” She assured me that she would.

Gabriel has flown internationally to Central America when he went to Panama with school. But this is his first time flying by himself and flying internationally by himself.

I kissed him and said my I Love You’s 💙 💜 💚


And Pierre will welcome him with a kiss on the other side in Amsterdam and continue with his I Love You’s 💙 ❤️ 💜

It’s going to be an awesome Father’s Day gift for both of them. I can’t wait to hear of their traveling adventure. Until then, I’ll enjoy the pictures.

With love,