Dear Understanding Readers,

This is a big one for me. Have the tissue handy.

Understanding comes in all shapes and sizes. Today, it came in the gift of my 12-year-old son.

Yesterday, I was on the computer, typing away. Gabriel walked in my office. He glances at my work and immediately notices something. Quickly, he asked, “Mom, did that happen to you?” I said, “Yes, it has.” He gently and graciously asked more questions. He responded, “That is disturbing. I’m sorry that happened to you.” I shared, “Not many people know that about me.”

And I cried.

I cried because I was sharing something so deep and tender to my heart. I’m sharing it with my 12-year-old son. He gets it! He gets me! He understands! He extends compassion!

I wept of the beauty in the moment. No shame. No guilt. Nothing to fear. But glorious beauty that filled my heart and soul in an instant.

Those moments cannot be directed or rehearsed. Or they may lose their healing momentum. They are shared when Guidance leads. Perfect timing.

Lessons don’t have to be so hard and painful. They don’t have to be relived. Lessons can be acquired joyously… remembered gladly… guided sweetly. Led spirit to spirit, heart to heart.

The event in the past led to this remarkable moment with my son in the present. That is the sweetness and joy of the lesson. It’s the golden treasure. The golden ticket from Willy Wonka that opens the treasure of your heart and soul.

Gabriel pondered, “Mom, if people don’t know that about you, why are you sharing it now?” Great question. And I answered, “To bring healing to others.” He shook his head quietly in agreement… quietly in understanding. He said, “Mom, look at you. You are doing so good. Look how far you’ve come.”


And he sweetly left the room. But the impression of this moment will forever be ingrained on my heart. Precious. Overflowing.

I need the transparency. It’s is what I honor in relationships. The connection and intimacy with no judgment. I cannot live with the fucking masks. The veil has been lifted.

Healing is deep. Healing is strength. Healing is a gift you can give to another.

And Gabriel gave me a healing by Simply Asking.


Your question may bring a wonderful release to another.