Dear Wise Readers,

My son, Gabriel, entered the world blowing a trumpet. He’s a curious, old soul full of wisdom beyond his years. He’s made comments and given insights that truly blow people away . . . myself included.

My screenplay, LIFE STORMS, is my true story. I’ve been asked by several people when my story will be written in book form. Soon. For now, it’s a vivid screenplay filled with the uncertainties, pain, sorrow, joys, resilience, and triumphs of unconditional love.

The logline depicts:

“A heartbroken mom blames herself for the birth of her son’s rare disease and her resistant husband emotionally departs from their marriage as Hurricane Katrina wreaks havoc . . . unraveling another Life Storms.”


I chose this scene because Gabriel talks like this. Others have asked, “Do I coach him? Do I tell him what to say?” Much to my laughter and amazement, the answer remains an unequivocal no. Gabriel has his own internal compass. His navigation system leads, protects, and guides him.  He is in touch with his internal being of source energy and spirit.  I stand in awe of the man that he is becoming . . . and the woman that stands in appreciation of knowing him ~ his mom.


LIFE STORMS excerpt…

Gabriel was five years old.



Double sinks with granite. Julia ensconces on the tub enclosure and blows her nose.

Stop pretending you’re strong and got it together.

Peter raises his voice as spit foams around his mouth.

I have nothing to give!

He pounds his chest.

I hurt too. Don’t you understand?

Julia crumbles.

Sage wears his transformer pajamas and tiptoes with an “upset” look.

Not now son.

I hear you from my bedroom.

Sage tenderly examines Julia’s tired face and blood shot eyes.

You’re doing a good job. You’re an amazing mom.

Sage compassionately wipes Julia’s tears with his fingers.

(to JULIA)
This may not be the life you want. But you have to accept it.
Make the best of what God gave you.

Sage scrutinizes them.

Stop taking your frustrations out on one another.

I feel like giving up.

Peter weeps. He settles on the tub enclosure.

(to PETER)
You can’t give up. You’re a fighter. A rock. And I’m proud of you.

Sage hugs Peter tightly.

I love you both. You’re doing an amazing job . . . Sometimes, you just need to hear it.

So true! Sometimes you just need to hear it.

What do you need to hear today?

What are you avoiding or not allowing?

What encouragement do you need? Maybe a tender touch. A child to wipe your tears. Someone who understands your pain; yet someone who wants you to see the beauty too.

All it takes is one! A phone call. Maybe an email or text. Even better, face-to-face.

My children shed brilliant light! It’s a sheer radiant light full of crisp clarity and healing to my heart and soul.

What if you are that one that can breathe lightness into someone?

Opportunities are all around us. We just have to hear those faintest whispers . . .

“You’re doing an amazing job. Sometimes, you just need to hear it.”