Dear Animal Lovers,

I had a fear of dogs. One of my friends in grammar school was attacked by a dog. She was mauled. Her face was disfigured. It was brutal. So, I decided as a young girl to stay away from dogs. I formed a belief system at the age of 6.

Our next door neighbor had a Doberman Pinscher. Our homes were near each other with an alley on the side. I wouldn’t mind walking on the right alley because there was no dogs. But don’t ask me to walk on the left alley because that Doberman was next store. And of course, he would bark aggressively, and I was terrified.

Well, one day that Dorberman got out and chased me. I was ten-years-old with a dog charging after me. I ran through my house, and he ran after me. And all I remember is laughing faces. No one coming to get that dog off of me. Finally, the neighbors got him. Thankfully, I was not bitten. But I was terrified. And the belief system of fearing dogs was magnified.

And this pattern continued in adulthood. I didn’t enjoy going to people’s home with dogs. They were unpredictable to me.

Three years ago, I ventured to the local pet store at Lakeside Shopping Center in Metairie, Louisiana. The pet store has been there for years. There was this cute puppy that I noticed. A Pekapoo. And I uttered, “He’s the cutest thing.” My sister chimed in, “I have never heard you say that! I am buying you that dog.” I replied, “What? I don’t need a dog. What am I going to do with a dog?” She commented, “You have love in your heart. You are going to love him.” When we left the mall, my sister, Tania, threw her credit card down and adamantly said, “We’ll take him.” She looked at me and said, “I am buying him for Lucas’s birthday.”

Needless to say, Pierre was shocked. The boys were thrilled. The Pekapoo was named Drew Brees Gremillion since Lucas is a football lover and the New Orleans Saints are his team. And my heart expanded. I got over my fear of dogs and fell in love with dogs.

When we moved to California, dogs are prevalent. Drew fit right in. I have become one of those ladies that drives with the dog on her lap. And who does Drew love and follow around the house?

What beliefs have you formed?

Are you operating out of fear?

Or are you operating out of love?

Have you shifted any life-depleting beliefs to life-giving beliefs?

Have you fallen in love with dogs?

Thankfully, I shifted. I moved from fear of dogs to love of dogs with awareness. Where would you like to shift? It’s never too late to shift a pattern and welcome a gentler way of being… dogs included.


Dog lover,