Dear Friendly Readers,

Do you have good friends that you can trust and rely on? Some amazing people have come into my life . . . In different seasons, for different reasons.

Brandi and I have been friends for 26 years! We met at clothing store where we both worked at Lakeside Mall. And we connected in a unique way . . . Like kindred spirits do.  We became inseparable through thick and thin. She was there for me, and I was there for her. And we had a lot of fun!

When my son, Gabriel, was born with his rare medical condition, some friends didn’t know how to handle it. In fact, they moved on. But Gabriel’s medical condition didn’t throw Brandi off. It actually equipped her to be of service. She would babysit Gabriel while I ran errands. And she checked on how I was really doing . . . Behind the scenes.

Brandi was ready to be of service again while I attended the Pitchfest in Los Angeles. She stayed back with my three boys:  Gabriel, Lucas and my dog, Drew. Brandi was surprised of all that I do and how I manage to run a household, family, and still be creative. The creativity keeps me sane!

Brandi is intuitive like I am. And she tapped into all kinds of insights while she stayed. Brandi and I get each other. We understand each other behind the b.s. We don’t wear masks. We wear our heart on our sleeve. We love big. We speak our truth. We don’t need to say a word, and we understand each other.

Friends come . . . And some friends stay.

Brandi has stayed through the Life Storms.

She is one who I can confide in. She is one who will go the distance. She is one who will pray for me. She is one who believes in me and my writing. She is one who encourages me. She is one who is supportive.

Our lives may be different. There have been detours and curve-balls along the way. But one thing that remains the same is our love for one another. A friendship that has weathered the storms and have come out stronger.

I’m thankful for a rare gem . . . A beautiful friendship.

Friends come . . . And some friends stay.

May you choose your friends wisely and attract your friends effortlessly. You attract that what you are.