Dear Hungry Readers,

Many people overconsume during the holidays. And the New Year’s Resolution is set… to lose weight, eat healthy. But all too often the same pattern occurs and the same resolution occurs the following year… and the next year.

Where did we get these beliefs?

We indulge a little over the holidays. We’ll deal with the extra weight in the New Year. Why not now? We can eat healthy when Monday rolls around. Why not Friday?

I set the intention that I will eat healthy when I visit my parents over the holidays. “I will be good.” But what the hell does good look like?

I want to reach for new and improved beliefs.

How do you feel in your clothes? A scale is not a girl’s BFF.

Then, I had to reach for another belief.

How do I feel in my body?

Am I tired after eating?

Do I need a nap?

Is my digestive system off balance?

Am I moody?

Do I have a headache?

Do I feel energized or depleted?

See, I want to show up differently. I know my battle of loving sweets. The ups and down of sugar.


Moderation works for some people.  And for others, moderation may not work well.  It may be switching from processed sugar to healthier alternative.  It may be ditching the red wine at night.  Or maybe not.


Listen to your body. Not another fad. Not another circular pattern. Not another deep hole. Not what works for someone else but what works for you.

My mom asked, “What about Paleo?” Do we need another food system or do we need another belief system? Paleo, The Zone, The New Sugar Buster’s are similar. There is not a one fit approach. It’s your life. It’s your body. Ask your intuitive guidance system. Your body has a language and speaks to you. Our bodies have internal wisdom.

I need to eat every 2 to 3 hours. It’s the intelligence of my body speaking to me. My purse has protein bars, nuts, and beef jerky. When the Vata energy surges, time to have a snack. I tried a raw diet and got jittery. I added some cooked and warm food and felt better.

I want…

That’s my intention for the year.


What works for you? Your body has a natural state of balance. May you align with the magnificence of your body.

Life is full of curve balls and detours. And winter season is a time of hibernation. Think of the bear in the cave. Naturally, we follow the seasons. We add extra insulation to keep up warm. So, don’t beat yourself up.

If you have a strong foundation, you won’t get thrown off balance.


You are worthy. Are you ready to show up differently? Are you ready to show up a little better than last year? Are you ready to show up authentically you? I AM!!!

Authentically Me,