Dear Strong Readers,

How do you finish things? Do you feel a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment when you complete something? Or do you rush through to get it checked off your to-do list?

Last week, Gabriel had exams, and I encouraged him to finish strong. Do your best. It wasn’t about the grade. It was about the effort that went into it, and the feeling that went into it.

I remember my motivation in school was grades. I wanted to excel, get good grades, and move on. At my high school reunion, a friend asked, “Weren’t you the valedictorian? Jenny, you are so smart.” I chuckled because I wasn’t the valedictorian. But what was true in that statement was the drive for good grades. I was on good behavior at home and in school. I didn’t want to get in trouble with my parents and teachers. I managed by making good grades. It was a good girl, perfectionist role that I played. I didn’t want the nun to hit me in the face again. I didn’t want to get yelled at.

Since I am aware of this pattern, “Getting good grades” are not the motivator for my children. I want then to enjoy learning, do their best, remember things, and finish strong.

Finish Strong.

How does that look to you?

Are you enduring or thriving?

Do you feel a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment?

What is your motivation?

Today, we have parent teach conference. Gabriel said, “Mom and dad, I want you to be surprised.” Pierre chimed in, “I don’t like surprises.” I questioned, “Gabriel, do you want us to see how well you did on your own?” Gabriel nodded, “Yes!” He wanted us to meet with his teachers and experience his satisfaction, fulfillment, effort. Gabriel wanted us to wait… thus the surprise. Yet, he wanted us to walk away with the same sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. As he finished strong, he wanted us to finish strong at the parent teacher conference.


           Gabriel – 7th Grade

This was our first year of Gabriel being responsible and accountable for his schoolwork. There were no tutors. There wasn’t the nightly parental assistance. There was freedom. When freedom is present, you finish strong. You soar. (Click to Tweet). I watched my son soar this year and get new wings of responsibility and accountability. That indeed is enough. My heart is full. He finished strong. We finished strong.

Where do you need to finish strong?

The first step in moving forward is courage. Just take a little step and you will soar!

Finishing Strong,