Dear Jackson Lovers,

While in Las Vegas, we attended one helluva Cirque du Soleil performance attributed to Michael Jackson’s ONE. Pierre and I were psyched because the kids had no idea where we were going.

michael-jackson-oneWe took our seats. Lights, camera, action . . . and the music begun.

My words to describe this Cirque du Soleil act:

Invigorating. High energy. Imaginative. Riveting. Pulsating. Memorable. Amazing.

It went beyond the five senses. Yes, you could taste it, hear it, touch it, see it, smell it. But it transported you into another dimension. Spiritual. Ethereal. You enmeshed into an imaginative and fantastical world. A higher consciousness realm. But can you feel it? Can you feel Michael Jackson?

Lucas turned to Pierre and asked, “Dad, what is this about?” Pierre replied, “Music, dancing and imagination.” Lucas nodded, “Oh.”

It wasn’t something to analyze and try to figure out. It was an experience. And this is what I experienced. My crown chakra opened and downloads filled my consciousness. And I experienced Michael Jackson. The person, not just the music.

Michael Jackson came in as a visionary, storyteller, teacher, healer, lightworker and he expressed through his music and his dance moves. His music was a movement, no different than the movement of Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, Gandhi. Michael was here to push the envelope, go beyond the boundaries and raise consciousness. He had such confidence, determination, power and presence when he took the stage. He came into the world at a young age singing in The Jackson 5 at the age of 5. His soul continued the theme of musical and dance expression.

Just listen to his words:

Can You Feel It” And yes I can. Feeling my way through life.

Man, in the Mirror” Are you changing your ways? I am.

Beat Itbecause I don’t want to be defeated, nor do you.

You Wanna Be Starting SomethingAnd yes I do . . . my heart’s expansion and my soul’s evolution.

Black or WhiteDualities. Does it really matter the color of your skin and all the judgements we place upon others and ourselves?

Yes, Michael Jackson had challenges, obstacles, and controversy. We all do. When we stop judging the man in the mirror, we move into compassion for his soul’s journey. And we appreciate the King of Pop. We recognize his soul’s essence. We are one. And Michael knew that. One in our humanity. One in our suffering. One in our victory.

I knew Michael Jackson’s music. Now, I know the man.

Can you feel it?