Dear Enthusiastic Readers,

It was a great weekend pitching to companies, meeting new people, and connecting with their energy. I pitched to 19 different companies on Saturday and Sunday.

I loved the feedback. Some were interested in my female empowering journey GOLD JOURNAL. Others liked my true story, LIFE STORMS. Some liked the relationships in UNFORESEEN while others laughed at NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION.

I brought my energy, personality, and creative work. I let them see the depth of my heart and soul, which comes across in all my scripts. As I pitched, they asked incredible, spot-on questions. They saw mental images. They connected to elements in others movies. They asked about me . . . Who am I? What is my background? Where do I live?

And this was the feedback on my energy and personality. “I will remember you by your heart and exuberance.” “You are not from LA with that smile.” “You are compelling and have wonderful energy.” “You are animated.” “I love your personality.” “The girl with the eyes.”

And this was the feedback on my creative work. “Let’s connect next week. I’m interested in a female voice.” “Your life experiences are amazing and your perspective is powerful.” “You are on the top.” “Pitch another one.” “You have intriguing concepts and relationships.” “Email me the treatment.” “We are looking for a Hurricane Katrina story.” “Wow! Who do you see playing these characters?” “Send me the script.” “Fantastical elements.” “You got my attention.” “I can do something with this.” “Exciting and amazing things are about to happen to you.”

But this is where it takes a new direction…

It’s not about me. I set my intention. Everything is working out divinely in the universe. You don’t need to strive, struggle, or make this a miserable process. Make it fun and light. I entered with that mindset, and it allowed me to stay in alignment. When I am in alignment, I have something to give. I gave encouragement and inspiration to other PitchFest attendees. I encouraged others with their pitches, anxiety, confidence. So many people thanked me, not because there is anything special in me. That light is in each of us. If I can shine my light brightly, others can shine their light brightly. There were hugs and gratefulness. “Thank you Jennifer for helping me.” “Thank you for encouraging me.” “You are such a bright light. You are amazing.” “I need a mantra.” “I heard you are helping others. Can you help me?” “Thank you. Thank you. You are such inspiration.”

I shared my love. I shined my light. I spoke from my heart and soul. I did my best. I was impeccable with my word. I didn’t take anything personally. I didn’t make any assumptions. I allowed the creative flow of energy to carry me effortlessly, continuously, and gracefully.

I am excited about what is happening in the present moment and the next moment. It keeps getting better.

With appreciation and anticipation,