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Dear Exciting Readers,

I remain open to all possibilities as I stay in a receptive mode. And this is what I am receiving so far:


This is what excites me. I went to the bank today. The bank teller asked, “What do you do?” I mentioned my book. The bank teller lit up with joy and eagerness. She insisted that she wanted one. Pierre grabbed a book out of the car. I signed it. The bank teller shared, “I didn’t have the cash on me; so I went into my savings to buy your book.” Now, I would have given her a copy for free since I am spreading love. But I didn’t know what was going on behind the scenes. The bank teller was determined to have a copy in her hand and start reading it today!!!

Pierre said, “Jennifer, you are bringing the light everywhere you go.”


A lady bought my book at a restaurant this evening. Her husband committed suicide. I wrote this book to heal and heal others. My prayer for her is that she will find peace, tools, and insights as she travels into her own Life Storms. I just happened to meet her at a restaurant while I was dining with family members. A divine appointment indeed.


I just signed a book and mailed it to Dr. Bruce Bauer. This is Gabriel’s surgeon in Chicago. Dr. Bauer performed 13 major surgeries on Gabriel starting at the age of 6-months to 5-years-old. Surgeries consisted of tissue expanders to remove Gabriel’s Giant Pigmented Nevus and reduce the risk of malignant melanoma. This man has been a huge part of our journey. Forever grateful for this connection and sustained relationship.

Dr Bauer shared, “How exciting. I can’t wait to see it and read it.”


“I just had to tell you how this book had brought my mom and I together. Your thought questions allows me to meditate and apply new thought patterns and insights into my own life. I definitely need to transform my thinking patterns and do a lot of healing. Your book is just what I need. I’m ready to receive, learn and grow.”


“I loved your book. I love your honesty. I love those who dig deep and can expose themselves. I am like that. I lack that in a lot of my relationships (friends and family members). I require honesty. You can find it in Christian friends but not always. Thanks for sharing your story.”


“Jennifer’s personal journey is astounding but how she has turned her own experiences into a guide map for others is even more amazing. I read her book cover to cover in hours and cannot wait to go back and start over, this time planning a new journey for my own life.”

As I remain open, lives are touched. All I had to do was answer the call to my soul and say yes as God guided me on this path. Sweet surrender. I truly can’t wait to see the changed lives. We can’t change another, but we can change ourselves. What beauty when we tap into this creative and healing energy!

All Love,

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