Dear Perceptive Readers,

I am no longer Etching God Out. I’m paying attention to destructive patterns of thoughts and behaviors. Need to stay aligned and connected through meditation and mindfulness. And for me, ultimate growth occurs through my writing. It helps the message sink deep into every crevice of my protective ego. I’ve learned that I’m every character that I write about. Unearthing truths about me. Embodying all of me.

The remedy for ego is indeed spirit! (See ETCHING GOD OUT ~ PART ONE.)

More of what I discovered along my journey…

EGO…                            REMEDY…                            SPIRIT…

(Our Power of Perceiving)

Anxious                                                                                                Joy

Fear                                                                                                       Love

Conflict                                                                                                 Peace

Shame                                                                                                   Glory

Despair                                                                                                 Hope

Gloom                                                                                                   Cheer

Disenchanted                                                                                      Amazed

Contract                                                                                               Expand

EGO…                            REMEDY…                            SPIRIT…

(Our Capacity)

Boundaries                                                                                          Boundless

Limited                                                                                                Eternal

Tick-tock                                                                                             Timeless

Closed                                                                                                  Open

Battles                                                                                                  Effortless

Trivial                                                                                                  Purposeful

Me-Ness                                                                                              Oneness

Blind                                                                                                    Aware

Mind                                                                                                    Heart

Body                                                                                                     Soul

Sickness                                                                                               Health

Bondage                                                                                              Freedom

Force                                                                                                    Power

Miry pit                                                                                                Presence

Having                                                                                                 Being

Blame                                                                                                   Surrender

Defend                                                                                                 Unexplainable

Traps                                                                                                    Rhythm

Distant                                                                                                Connection

Numb                                                                                                  Pulsating

Petrifies                                                                                              Vibrates

Discord                                                                                               Unity

Discriminates                                                                                    Brotherhood

Robot (Autopilot)                                                                             Consciousness

EGO…                            REMEDY…                            SPIRIT…

(How Things Go)

Conditional                                                                                         Unconditional

Impossible                                                                                          Possible

Changes                                                                                               Unchanged

Uncertainty                                                                                         Certainty

Wrong-mindedness                                                                           Right-mindedness

Danger                                                                                                 Safe

Expose                                                                                                 Clothe

Scarcity                                                                                                Abundant

Weak                                                                                                    Strength

Dark                                                                                                     Light

Doubt                                                                                                   Faith

Projects                                                                                                Extends

Worry                                                                                                  Trust

Asleep                                                                                                  Awake

Thinking                                                                                             Sensing

Believing                                                                                             Experiencing

Repeat                                                                                                 Undo

Follow                                                                                                  Lead

Scatter                                                                                                 Belong

Aren’t you ready to shine brightly, beautifully, blameless, kind, gentle, loving, and safe? I AM!!! I lived too long in self-doubt, struggle, fear, and anxiety. And guess what? It is all self-induced. Yes, I’ve had my amount of trauma. We all have. But I’m ready to move forward in the splendor of Spirit and Source Energy. Full of awareness, attention, and consciousness. Shifting into a new reality. Co-creating with the Creator. All is well with my soul.

May you be fully clothed with the energy of Spirit.

Fully Aware,