Dear Real Readers,

Have you etched God, Spirit, and Source out? I have. More than I realize. But I want to stay in alignment, connected, and effortlessly a vibrational match to love, beauty, peace, joy, creativity, and fulfillment. I want to be restored, made complete and whole. And it begins with an unbounded awareness.

Dr. Wayne Dryer defines EGO as Etching God Out. Deepak Chopra does a beautiful meditation on Etching God Out.

Ego is a false sense of “I.” My ego kept me in a position that I need to work hard. I can’t make a mistake. The archetype of innocent. But mistakes are the evolutionary stepping stones of healing. Of beautiful and radiant light shining forth. It’s the zebra. The shadow and the light blending effortlessly. Embracing it all. Owning it all.

My ego has been big. Keeping me small, stuck, and the same. Thinking I know better. Believing my perceptions. Taking them as truth. Running in a vicious cycle. Ego did not protect me but harmed me. Keeping me disconnected from Source, others, and myself.

The remedy for Ego is Spirit!! Spirit blossoms when all the fragments of ego melt into wholeness. A gentle understanding. No longer needing to figure things out. It’s is universal intelligence, universal wisdom, universal love, and universal oneness.

And this is what I discovered along my journey….

EGO…                            REMEDY…                            SPIRIT…

(Our Expression)

Confuses                                                                                          Translates

Multiple voices                                                                               One voice

Mean                                                                                                 Tender

Critical                                                                                              Encourager

Yells                                                                                                  Whispers

Attacks                                                                                              Listens

Blocks                                                                                               Flows

Unsure                                                                                              Knowing

Talker                                                                                               Observer

Lies                                                                                                   Truth

Confusion                                                                                        Clarity

Imitators                                                                                          Intuition

Ignores                                                                                             Acknowledges

Judges                                                                                              Accepts

Nip picks                                                                                         Beautiful

Embellish                                                                                        Simple

Reacts                                                                                              Responds

Accuses                                                                                            Kindness

EGO…                            REMEDY…                            SPIRIT…

(Our Character)

Selfish                                                                                               Compassionate

Broken                                                                                              Perfect

Incomplete                                                                                      Complete

Cheap                                                                                               Priceless

Wounded                                                                                         Wholeness

Stained                                                                                             Spotless

Victim                                                                                               Victorious

I’m not                                                                                              I am

Old                                                                                                    New

Dead                                                                                                 Alive

Disable                                                                                             Able

Stuck                                                                                                Evolve

Lose                                                                                                  Find

EGO…                            REMEDY…                            SPIRIT…

(Our Patterns)

Illusions                                                                                            Discernment

Replays                                                                                              Forgets

Analyzes                                                                                            Accepts

Technology                                                                                       Nature

Excuses                                                                                             Dreams

Wander                                                                                              Aim

Counterfeit                                                                                       Authentic

Repels                                                                                                Resonates

Consume                                                                                           Enough

Control                                                                                              Let go

Tear                                                                                                   Build

Destroy                                                                                              Create

Scatter                                                                                               Master

Unreal                                                                                               Real

Gorge                                                                                                Satisfied

Run                                                                                                   Still

Stop                                                                                                   Go

Hide                                                                                                  Remember

Get                                                                                                    Give

Withhold                                                                                         Share

Bury                                                                                                 Discover

EGO…                            REMEDY…                            SPIRIT…

(Our Frame of Mind)

Can’t                                                                                                Can

Self-loathing                                                                                  Radiant

Hurt                                                                                                Unharmed

Complain                                                                                       Grateful

Suspicious                                                                                      Silent

Busy                                                                                                Calm

Impatient                                                                                       Patient

Burdensome                                                                                  Light

EGO…                            REMEDY…                            SPIRIT…

(Our Reference Point)

Chains                                                                                             Gifts

Heartache                                                                                       Treasure

Trapped                                                                                          Rescue

Scars                                                                                                Healing

Problem                                                                                          Opportunity

Battle                                                                                               Effortless

Compete                                                                                         Harmonious

More                                                                                                Sufficient

You can’t get around ego. You have to go through every crevice and facet to discover the radiance of Spirit.

May your peace be restored. And may you realize that you are powerful beyond measure once you tap in, tune in, and turn in… to the frequency of Spirit, Energy, Source. It’s a field of unlimited potential, unlimited possibilities. You just have to let go of that tight grip of the ego. Pluck it from you hand to embrace the hand of love and peace.

How do I know? I lived it. I experienced it. And now I choose to release it. Let go of control and welcome the manifestation of the glory of God.


Photo credit: Yoganonymous