Dear Enlightened Readers,

My boys truly amaze me. They are full of wisdom and intuition. They are following their guidance system. Today are enlightened snapshots that come from Lucas (8). I love knowing how he thinks and more importantly, how he feels.


I drove Lucas to school the other morning. And I asked, “Do you think this person is struggling?” Lucas enlightened me. He responded, “I can’t answer because I really don’t know. And if I answer, it’s a judgment. I could say that you or struggling or you could say that I am struggling. But they are opinions. And those opinions are judgments. The only person that knows if they are struggling or not is truly the one who can answer that question.”


Don’t be quick to judge.


Lucas (8) loves Adele! When she plays on the car radio, he encourages, “Turn it up.”

Now this is where it gets interesting…

Lucas commented, “Mom, do you hear the powerful soul choosing to come forth in this feminine body? Can you feel it?”

I added, “Yes. I feel the power, the soul, the depth.”

Lucas shared, “Yeah, that’s it.”


May you feel your power.
May you feel your soul.
May you feel your depth.


Lucas ate his lava chocolate cake from Lotus Cafe. He commented, “Mom, I know you really want a bite. But you are saving up for the cruise. I know you love their hot chocolate.” I suggested, “I am.” I was curious in this moment. I pondered, “Do you think I’m gaining weight?” Lucas turned his head, “What? I don’t even know what you mean.” I elaborated, “Do you think I’m gaining weight?” Lucas replied, “I don’t know what you mean. I don’t see you like that.”


Weight, age and numbers don’t matter to kids. They are operating under the influence of spirit and not the voice of ego. They see goodness.

Children have such innate wisdom. They are here to teach us a gentler, kinder, compassionate way of being if we would just slow down and listen to these powerful souls. May we be open to their perspective and how they view the world. It’s pure, connected, deep, and soulful. Can you feel it? I can. And it’s truly awesome.

All love,