Dear Exercise Readers,

Do you enjoy exercise? Some people love it; some like it; and some actually hate it as much as they hate going to the dentist to get their teeth clean. I enjoy it. I love it, but I don’t obsess over it. It’s more for stress and releasing endorphins than it is for weight management. After I exercise, blood is pumped and flowing to my brain; and I am clear-headed and in a better mood.

Now, I am pretty observant of people and my environment. I understand non-verbal communication. And what I realize when I observe others facial expressions, body movement, and posture is… most people don’t look happy exercising. They are doing it. But if I could take a snapshot of them, they probably would be surprised of their image. Or maybe they are feeling the same way that their facial expression, body movement, and posture is revealing.

In group classes, we are looking in a mirror. Our reflections are magnified. And what I notice is that I am always smiling when I am exercising. I think it’s fun. I love the music. And I am a goofball! What can I say!!!

The other day, we had an 80-year-old woman join us in Strength class which is really Dance class. In fact, it was her birthday! And she set the intention to continue this class for her New Year’s Resolution. Or maybe that was the teacher’s prompting!!! But what I noticed is her smile. The entire time she had a smile. She was having fun. It wasn’t a matter of getting things “right.” She was “right” in her spirit, her vibration, her energy. That was the secret to her 80-years! As she shaked her booty better than anyone in the class, I thought saucy lady.

And I flashed back to a time at Rancho La Puerta

Water Aerobic class… I kept floating up. I was buoyant. My legs were on top of the water instead of being in the water. And I was bumping into people. And the instructor laughed. Friends and new friends joined in. And I was having fun, laughing and being my goofy self.

Yoga class… I just left Water Aerobics and arrived in Yoga class. I was already exhausted. I was looking for some “downtime.” But the instructor flipped me into a handstand as he grabbed my legs. I insisted, “I can’t do that.” He positioned me so quickly that I was up against a wall in a handstand and all I could do was laugh. One lady next to me asked what classes am I taking because I am a hoot. She wanted to stay close by for those laughable moments with Jennifer. And Lord knows I have many.

Are you enjoying exercise?

Are you laughing?

Are you having fun?

If not, the better question is… “Why not?”

Life is meant to be enjoyed… exercise included!

Laughing and enjoying,