Dear Empowering Readers,

Do you feel empowered? Do you walk with confidence? Are you bold and fearless?

More importantly, do you empower others?

I have been on a healing journey; vibrating with peace, love, joy and bliss; seeking clarity; attracting people, patterns, and purposes; trusting my intuition… because something AMAZING is around the corner!

As I set my intention, it became a lifelong mission that I seek, embrace, and live.

My soul awakens, tapping into Infinite Intelligence, getting insights regarding my patterns and others’ patterns.

What have I learned?

The best coaches allow you to discover things, not tell you what you “should do!” I’ve learned that when you tell another what they “should do,” you are dis-empowering them. You are suggesting that the other person doesn’t know better, but you have all the answers! It’s a haughty position to take filled with your ego’s judgment. You attack another based on your own fear. You dis-empower another based on your ego! You enable another’s weakness but building your own illusion of strength. You suggests that the other person doesn’t have the power, wisdom, intuition, know-how, but you do. You cause doubt, confusion, and overwhelming instead of trust, peace, and certainty.

It’s a dangerous position to lead like that way!

You lead by example. You lead with integrity and character. You lead with love. You lead with your heart, soul, and spirit. (Click to Tweet)

I realize that I am on an empowering journey, understanding myself and others.

I  embrace my power!

I recognize my patterns.

I set healthy boundaries.

I protect my subconscious mind.

I lead with my heart, soul, and spirit.

I trust my intuition.

I am empowered, yes empowered to be all that I am!

Have you embraced your power?

Have you recognized your patterns?

Have you set healthy boundaries?

Have you protected your subconscious mind?

Are you leading with your heart, soul, and spirit?

Are you trusting your intuition?

Are you empowered?

Are you empowering others?

I encourage you to pay attention. When you walk away from another person, do you feel empowered or do you feel dis-empowered? Do you experience doubt, confusion, and overwhelmed? Do you sense trust, peace, and certainty in yourself?

As you become more empowered day by day, you awaken to the beauty of you, your worth, your glory. You thank the other person for revealing this pattern. And you walk with confidence. You are fearless and bold. And guess what? Something amazing is around the corner. I live in utter awe. Amazed breath by breath as I am empowered! Get your empowerment back on. Claim your heart, soul and spirit!


Photo Credit: Whitney Justesen