Dear Stomping Readers,

The other morning, I was feeling overwhelmed. Busy week with the boys and hubby out of town. My list was getting longer, and I thought I’m not going to get it all done. And needless to say, Albert Einstein gave me a gentle reminder. “Time is an illusion.”

The ego loves to use time so we feel overwhelmed. But it’s all an illusion.

Are you aware when the ego rears its ugly head?
Are you aware when the ego has a temper tantrum?
Are you aware when the ego stomps his foot?

First, you have to recognize the voice of ego. You have to become so familiar with so you can discern if it true or not.

And this is the litmus test:
Is the voice leading you to love, peace, gratitude, and contentment?
Is the voice leading you to fear, chaos, complaining, and discontentment?
The ego is sneaky, subtle, and it separates us from the veil of truth.

Second, you must recognize the tactics of the ego. And the list is long. But today, I’m going to narrow it to four points:

The ego feels entitled! “You owe me. I don’t deserve this. This is bull shit.”
The ego demands that it’s right. “See you don’t know better. I’m right and you’re wrong! End of story.”
The ego claims victim-hood. “I’m suffering because you did this to me. Things are never going to change.”
The ego is greedy. “The ego wants more and more. It’s never enough. And it can be as subtle as wanting more ‘time.’”

Third, you must find the voice of truth, the divine, the spirit and with that comes wholeness and solutions.

Spirit feels worthy, responsible, and accountable for its own action and its own happiness.
Spirit respects others opinions. Everyone is on their own journey, finding their inner truth, and returning home.
Spirit experiences victory… through awareness, through the illusions, through love.
Spirit is satisfied. It’s whole and complete. Full and overflowing. It doesn’t compete. It cooperates.

May you recognize when the ego rears its ugly head.
May you remember the egos patterns of tantrums.
May you become acquainted when the ego stomps his feet.

There are solutions. And the solution is the voice of truth, the divine, the spirit.

Thank you Albert Einstein. I’m getting it done in “my own timing.”

All love,