Dear Earth Angels,

Have you considered that you are one? You are an earth angel changing perspectives, feeling your emotions, trusting your intuition and your guidance, praying for others, shining your light brightly, having a compassionate heart, stepping forth in your truth, embracing oneness, forgiving yourself and others, unlearning to learn anew, caring for yourself, others, animals, and the planet, walking in love and worthiness.

When I ventured to Deer Park Monastery, an earth angel appeared. It was a day of mindfulness and we walked as a group mindfully… slowly in the present moment. There was no talking. We were together but in our sacred space. There was a rock in front on me. And the lady in front of me pointed to it so I wouldn’t trip. We continued and there was a tree branch lingering; she held it back for me as I walked through. We finished the walk, and I headed to the bathroom. The same kind lady was in line. When I approached the line, she insisted that I go before her. Her kindness never ended. It extended.

It was time for lunch and I stood in the long line with the other spiritual seekers. The same lady approached me and my new friend and mentioned that there was a shorter line on the other side. And we headed there.

She was there for me all day long. An earth angel sent on my path to show me a way of ease. I recognized her immediately and smiled. I appreciated the gift and recognized the beauty.

I remembered an earth angel was sent to us when we first entered our home after Hurricane Katrina. He went in our home and opened all the windows; he asked us to wait outside. “The older man came from nowhere. He helped and disappeared. Was he sent? An angel in disguise? He was someone we never met before-someone we may never see again. But in that short time, he arrived, willing, able, and concerned. The older man helped us and vanished. He knew what we were about to enter. He didn’t need to stay for a private moment. He stayed for his purpose, and he left. And we received compassion in our dire moment.” (Excerpt from Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina.)

Are you paying attention to the earth angels standing in the gap? They are fully present, ready to assist you. They come from nowhere. But there is a knowingness that they were sent at this present time of need.

May you pay attention. May you call upon there assistance. And may you realize that you are one of them.

Welcome earth angels!

Earth angels,