Dear Shining Readers,

Do you worry about the how’s? Come on because I know I do. I set an intention in the universe. But then, I wait and wait. And sometimes that waiting has a companion… it’s called worry.

How is this going to happen?

What do I need to do to make it happen?

Do I need to seek others opinions and advice?

Maybe enroll in another program?

Do I need to do more?

How high do I need to jump?

And the waiting causes impatience because sometimes we doubt. We get caught in the “how’s” instead of resting in the intention.

My husband and I wanted to adopt. It was the desire of our heart. We put the intention out in the universe.

A fost-adopt agency contacted us. And they selected children with HIV and Hepatitis C. These children need a home, love, and parents just as much as the next child. But my first some was born with a rare medical condition, Giant Pigmented Nevus. He had thirteen surgeries starting at 6-months. I was concerned for him. I know what it’s like to live at the hospital, live at ER visits, live at the doctor’s office. And my husband and I wanted a different experience, not because one is bad or good. It was the desire of our heart. And I didn’t want to bring a child into the home that could subject Gabriel to another condition. He was suffering enough. And so were we.

excisionsGabriel’s incisions after surgey

gabriel-surgery-school busGabriel recovers with arm and leg restraints

We decided the fost-adopt agency wasn’t “right” for us because they were not listening to our needs. So we waited and we trusted.

The phone call came regarding my son, Lucas.

Originally, my husband and I thought a five-year-old girl. But we let go of the “how” and trusted the universe.

Lucas was born a month later. He came into our lives… into our hearts with magnificent illumination. I am truly honored to be his mom. He teaches me, guides me and heals me every day. He is wide awake, and I love that about him along with so many other qualities.

He came for us. We got out the way. We opened our hearts and expanded into an incredible unfolding.

gabriel-and-lucasGabriel and Lucas

It’s so much better than you planned.

May you worry less. May you trust more. It’s perfectly unfolding into a grand masterpiece! Wait until you get a glimpse of it! Pure, indescribable JOY!

Shining and smiling brightly,