Dear Sharing Readers,

We went on a family vacation for Spring Break. We took a Princess cruise along the California coast and Mexico. We had a lovely time creating memories. But something memorable happened to me.

We had open seating each night. We could come and go as we please. The maître d’ always asked, “Would you like to share?” This implied would we consider sitting with other people on the cruise. Sometimes I wanted to be with my family or wanted to be with Pierre. Call me selfish at times. But I wanted to create family memories.

On the nights that we said yes to sharing, we had a splendid time connecting with others and sharing.

On our last night, we sat with two amazing couples. And they discussed, the same thing… “Do we share or not?” But that night, it was a divine appointment. One beautiful lady shared that her son recently committed suicide. I felt his presence. I felt his energy. And I watched an amazing couple grieving, connecting, finding joy. She elaborated that this is the first time that she shared and didn’t cry. And I shared my Life Storms. I shared.

One gentleman shared, “We go to cocktail parties and we never get to the depth of conversation that we just had tonight.”

How often do we not share? Too afraid. Too fearful. Too shameful. Too vulnerable.

What would others think?

What would others say?

Our moments of sharing are how we learn, grow, and evolve. We learn of another’s pain and their beautiful joy. Our Life Storms is not something to run and hide from. Those precious moments were experiences to expand our consciousness and open us to more love. It creates a platform to share.

Last night, I took a walk and pondered the topic of sharing. I was reminded of how all of creation shares.

A star sparkles at night. It shares.

A moon beams. It shares.

A sun radiates. It shares.

A flower blooms. It shares.

We are meant to share. It’s part of creation. May you not withhold. May you walk with your head held high. May you be seen in all of your glory. May you share.

The lady continued that she wants to write a book on her son and the miracle of his story… of his life. I know that miracle of sharing my story through screenplays, blogs, and a book. Some people questioned, “Why do you want to write a book? A blog?  Screenplays? What would others think? What would others say?”

There is no doubt when you make a decision. The universe conspires to help you achieve it. And it all begins with sharing… sharing a message, sharing your life, sharing your wisdom, sharing your love, sharing your light.

Go share! I Am!