Dear Achievers,

We live in a performance driven culture. Do more, accomplish more; but other times, we do more and accomplish less.

What you are truly craving is an experience to the present moment where you are fully awake, charged, flowing!

However, when you are constantly doing more, you are not in the present moment. You are living with fear . . . anxiety of the future and regret of the past. So you keep trying, striving, struggling. Subconsciously, you are seeking your self-worth!

But if you are aware of the laws of the universe, everything is vibration. What you focus on, you attract.

I am teaching myself and my boys a different way of being. I want them to feel their way through life. I want them to stay in alignment. I want them to trust their intuition. How do I show them? By teaching and living that example.

When Gabriel was eight, he questioned life. He pondered, “You are born. You go to school. You work. And then you die. What is the point?” I shared, “To experience JOY on the journey.”

You can experience JOY in doing less!

Over the weekend, I followed my gut and went to an open house. The boys questioned why. I want them to feel. Not analyze. Worry about the price of the house. I want them to drop into the experience to raise their vibration. And guess what? They dropped right in. I watched their expansion.

Life is not meant to be lived on a rat race or trying to keep up with others or experiencing the drudgery. It’s an erroneous belief system based on performance! If you are not feeling good while you are doing it, you won’t get the result. Period! If you are feeling great, keep doing it. But if you are experiencing burn-out, anxiety, frustration, step back and do less. Walk the dog. Dance naked in your bathroom. Enjoy the chocolate. Take a nap.

Last night, I shared something important with my son. I spoke from my heart and soul. I reflected, “Gabriel, you are powerful, complete, whole, worthy, loved and loving, safe and secure. There is no lack. Everything is within you. I wish someone would have told me that growing up.” He understood. He hugged me. And I felt the JOY by doing less and accomplishing everything in that perfect moment!

Doing less and accomplishing joy,