Dear Insect Happy Readers,

Did you know that insects aren’t supposed to be a nuisance? They are not something to step on or swat. But they are something to observe. When you observe, you can rest and digest the beauty of interconnection… the beauty of oneness… the beauty of meaning.

Gabriel panics when he sees a spider. He refuses to take the trashcan to the curb because a spider may get on him. So, I take the trashcans out. I also don’t kill the spider when one appears. I discovered a huge one in the garage. The panic set in Gabriel’s face. Gabriel adamantly requested, “Kill it mom.” Lucas shared, “Mom isn’t going to kill it.” And I didn’t kill it. The spider was positioned on our garage wall for two days. I removed it with a paper towel and put it in the backyard.

Gabriel and I laid on my bed as I opened up the divine mystery of insects. I wanted Gabriel to realize the messages that they bring to us from God, Source, Energy, and Universe. The messages are meant to empower, enlighten, and enliven us. They are meant to empower, enlighten, and empower you!

According to Ted Andrews in Animal Speaks, a spider weaves fate. As a spider weaves a web, we also weave a web in our life. We must trust feelings instead of seeing. It sounds like faith!

What’s your suggest that the spider reminds us of our choices in life. Be mindful. Other symbolic spider meanings include Rebirth. Resourceful. Creation. Protection. Female. Crafty. Cunning. Progressive. Since a spider has eight legs, it is a symbol of infinity. Eight involves evolution, cycles, and passages.

Are we creating the life we want?
Are we trusting the process?
Where can we make mindful choices?

We had probably 35 mosquito hawks in the house one day. Pay attention to these divine messages.

Crane flies or mosquito hawks are actually a variety of spiders. It symbolizes relationships and to go deeper within them. They reflect air (our analytical mind) and water (our dreamy emotions). The message is to use your time wisely. Crane flies and mosquito hawks reflect Balance. Purpose. Resourcefulness. Introspection.

Where do you need balance?
Where can you go deeper in relationships?

I found one moth in my bathroom and looked him in the eyes. I asked, “What are you trying to tell me? I am ready to receive.”

Moth involves sexuality. People respond strongly. Trust what is right for you. They are nocturnal. Nighttime reveals shadows, dreams, secret knowledge, and awareness. Moth symbolizes Intuition. Attraction. Subtlety. Vulnerability.

Are you determined?
Do you have faith?
Do you trust your intuition?
Are you following a path of light?

As I poured comfort on Gabriel through understanding, he responded, “Cool!” I’ll take cool any day instead of fear. Shifting one day at a time. HOLY SHIFTING!

BEE Happy,