Dear Constructive Readers,

Have you questioned your beliefs?

Do you know why you believe certain things?

What do you truly believe in your heart and soul?

Have you deconstructed your beliefs?

Does fear reside because you are afraid to change and speak your truth? It would go against the society norm. And who I am to think differently. It is what it is. So we follow these beliefs down a rabbit hole of suffering, sabotaging, sacrificing, self-limiting.  Needlessness to say, we aren’t happy and fulfilled in life.

How to we deconstruct beliefs? That is the question.

It begins with Awareness.

What have we misaligned with that is causing us not to live whole?

What have we allowed that needs to leave?

What have we covered up with fear, shame and guilt?

What have we questioned privately but not publicly?

This is the Litmus Test for Beliefs:

Lean into acceptance.

Lean into allowance.

Lean into truth.

Lean into wholeness.

Lean into forgiveness.

Lean into authenticity.

Lean into creativity.

Lean into guidance.

Lean into your intuition.

Lean into your spiritual side.

Lean into your emotional side.

Lean into support.

Lean into inspiration.

Lean into imagination.

Lean into inner peace.

Lean into connections.

Lean into love.

Lean into dreams.

Lean into nature.

Lean into oneness.

Lean into consciousness.

Lean into joy.

Lean into light.

Lean into faith.

Lean into Source.

Lean into your true nature.

Lean into resonance.

Lean into vibration.

May your beliefs bring you much joy. May your beliefs return you home to your authentic and whole nature. May you embrace the fullness and aliveness of life.

Life is unfolding. We can go with the flow or we can live with resistance. Most people don’t even know that they are resisting or what they are resisting. They think this is what they deserve or maybe they don’t have the resources.

But you deserve so much more. All the resources are within you. Did you hear that? They are not outside of yourself. You don’t need to run looking for it or scatter your energy. All the resources are within. They may be dormant right now. But with awareness, you step into the glorious light. Lean into love.

I had to deconstruct my beliefs. I need to know that I am worthy and deserving of so much more. I had to let go of any belief that reiterated fear. I had to lean into love. And it was so worth the fight… so worth the victory. I believe in you. I see you. I hear you. I feel you. Lean in precious one. Lean in.

Leaning into LOVE,