Dear Lovely Readers,

My kids truly amaze me. They have such incredible insight and wisdom. And healing and clarity can come through our children, regardless of their age.

Lucas (7) wrote on a worksheet…

Dear God,
You’re the one and only God. You are great and peaceful. Be the one and only God in my heart… in my job… when I’m older… when I’m a grandpa. God, I love you.

I didn’t prompt Lucas on this exercise. It was something he wanted to do on his own. When I read it, he blushed and covered his face. But I didn’t want him to be embarrassed or ashamed of his findings, his discoveries. I wanted to acknowledge the beauty in expressing himself and expressing his heart. I said, “It’s truly beautiful that you want God to be your one and only in your heart, in your job, when you’re older, when you’re a grandpa.”


See in this magical moment, Lucas was aligned with God, Source, Energy, and the Divine. He visualized his future by seeing God in all those different roles he will walk out one day. Wow! It was God’s presence that Lucas desired to be with him all the days of his life.

How do you see God?

Do you see him as great and peaceful? Do you see him as just and righteous? Do you see him as loving? Do you see him as jealous and angry? Do you see him as controlling?

Do you see God at all in your life?

How you see him is how you will experience him and how you will experience yourself.

If we are creating our realities, I want to create remarkable experiences with the creator. I want to be aligned with his incredible attributes so I can walk in his power, resources, strength.

I see God as tender, forgiving, loving, peaceful, steady, consistent, graceful, merciful, and compassionate.

If you could write God a letter, what would you say? Dear God…

Prayer is communing with God. Mediation is hearing from God.

May you seek God, Source, Energy, Spirit, Universe. May you experience him. May you embody him. May he rule in your heart.