Jennifer Gremillion | Dear Forgetful Readers
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 Dear Forgetful Readers,


All too often we forget who we are. We stumble. We scatter. We stray. Others give their opinions on what you “should” do or tear you apart, worthiness by worthiness.

You are NOT…
the EIGHT SMALL “s”…

You are not a sinner, just living in sin.

You are not living in scarcity.

You are not living in struggle.

You are not a sufferer.

You are not separate from another.

You are not a saboteur.

You are not the face of shame.

You are not self-limiting!


My gift for you today is to remind you who YOU ARE.

I don’t want you to be beat yourself anymore or others beat you up anymore. I’ve beat myself up for too long. But I’ve been set free with the work of spirit protecting me, guiding me, leading me, teaching me, and awakening me.

I tore up other LIFE SCRIPTS, and I rewrote a new LIFE SCRIPTS with beauty, clarity, truth, and a compassionate heart. That is who I truly am! That is who YOU ARE.

My gift for you is to RECEIVE, ACCEPT and BELIEVE who YOU REALY ARE!

pin board pin

No doubt. No critical spirit. No insecurity.

But Receiving, Accepting, Believing!


May you rewrite a wonderful LIFE SCRIPTS for you.
May you be reminded of who you really are.


“Risk being seen in all of your glory.” ~ Jim Carrey


I am risking and reminding myself daily. How about you?

With Love,

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