Dear Movers & Shakers,

I am talking on the dance floor and off the dance floor!

I tried a new dance class at the YMCA. It fit my time-slot. And my adventurous spirit loves new experiences.

When I walked in the class, I noticed that I was the youngest. I asked my fellow c0-creators about the class. Am I going to sweat? Am I going to burn calories? Another lady said, “If you jump.” But I caught my paradigm. Sweat. Calories. I reset my intention – to have FUN.

The teacher arrived with a big grin on her face. I connected with her energy, and I danced. I visited the rhythms in Portuguese, Brazil, Haiti, Dixie Land, Paris. And I smiled a lot. I even caught my smile in the mirror. It revealed that I was having a blast.

An older gentleman was frustrated with himself. He examined me and indicated, “Smarty pants.”

I approached him. I revealed, “Get out of the left side of your brain. Don’t think your way through the moves. Feel your way through it. Drop into your heart.” He looked up and nodded okay. But he couldn’t let go. He wanted the foot work to be exact. It tripped him up, and he stopped. But he also stopped having fun!

Now, the foot work and dance moves didn’t trip me up. I was not in my head. I felt my way through each song. And I shifted my intention – to have FUN.

And guess what? I sweat and burnt calories.

When I left the class, I grabbed my son out the cardio area. I questioned, “Gabriel, did you have fun?” Gabriel replied, “Mom, exercise is not supposed to be fun.” I added, “It’s a belief system. It is whatever you choose to believe. I chose fun and had a blast.” Gabriel shared, “That’s weird.”

Belief systems are thoughts that you constantly think. You can think exercise is drudgery. You can think I’m not going to sweat and burn calories because I’m in an ‘older class.’ You can think I’m too old to learn these dance moves. I’ll never get it right.


You can shift in an instant. You can be open and flexible to enjoy the present moment which may be outside of your comfort zone. You can think I am going to have fun. You can think I am going to laugh and feel my way through life. You can connect with the collective energy and let go.

Dancing through life,


Photo Credit: Thanks to Pixaby