Dear Creative Readers,

At the dinner table, I do something called “Creative Talk” in which I ask playful questions. Everyone has a chance to use their imagination and come up with some creative answers.

Well, Lucas didn’t want to come to the dinner table. He wanted to finish his TV show. I suggested pause it and come eat while your food is warm. Lucas came to the dinner table with folded arms.

It was time to shift this little man. And this was the magical phrase, “Who wants to play Creative Talk?” Lucas’s countenance changed in an instant. The body language relaxed and so did those folded arms.

I asked, “If you could give grandma three flowers, what flowers would you select?” Gabriel shared, “A red rose. A purple rose. A white rose.” Lucas added, “A sunflower. A red rose. And a tulip.”

I continued, “If you had an imaginary friend, what would his/ her name be? Lucas smiled, “The Beast.” I suggested, “Butter.” And Gabriel contemplated, “Bob.” We were rolling with the B’s.

“If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?” I questioned.  Gabriel replied, “Antarctica.” I asked, “Would you come back?” Gabriel commented, “Yes, I will be back.” I enthusiastically answered, “Australia. It’s on my bucket list.” Lucas commented, “You may get a sunburn.” I elaborated, “I will swim in the Coral Reef.” Lucas suggested, “Then the sharks will eat you.” Lucas answered, “I want to go to China or Japan… Because I want to learn a second language.” I added, “Cómo está.” Gabriel was floored. “Mom, that is Spanish.” I replied, “I know” as I laughed. And Lucas suggested, “My friend Zoe is from China. She taught me to say hi in Chinese. It’s nǐ hǎo”

Gabriel was done with Creative Talk. “Mom, these are random questions.” I commented, “I know. But they made great dinner talk. They kept the conversation flowing. And everyone was in a good mood and enjoying themselves.”

Have you played Creative Talk?

What questions would you ask?

Kids love it. And adults may not admit it but they love it as well. When you want to shift, sometimes you just need to ask random questions and watch imaginations come up with creative solutions.