Dear Crab-licious Readers,

Have you ever watched a group of crabs in a bucket? One tries to exit the bucket, but the other crabs pull it back in the bucket.

Isn’t that interesting? Because this plays in real life too. When you evolve, change, or exit the low-frequency crabs in a bucket, they try to pull you back in.

What I have learned is… it is a matter of the will and a matter of the heart to set yourself free! No one can hold you in a bucket. No one can hold you in a self-limiting belief. No one steal your joy.

Hurt people hurt people. Happy people breed happy people.

It boils down to this (and no not a crab boil)… as you evolve change, or grow, like-minded people are attracted to you. Like-minded, loving, high-frequency, energy shifters, miracle workers come into your vortex. And the low-frequency people choose to stay in the same bucket with the same self-limiting belief. To escape the bucket, box, self-limiting beliefs, it begins with AWARENESS!

Awareness of others judgmental attitude, critical spirit, gossiping tendency.

And here is the gem with awareness: when others judge you, criticize you, or gossip about you, it has NOTHING to do with you! It has to do with them not liking themselves. They are projecting their fears onto you. They want to use you as their punching back. They want to pull you back in the bucket. They want to attack and create division, conflict, drama.

Do you realize how many people are in this destructive pattern? They are repeating this pattern with the next person. It is just a matter of time before they get triggered. And they unload their ammunition.

You don’t have to attack because you are love. You can pray for them and set yourself free from their abuse, their self-hate, their rejection, their abandonment.

You move in life knowing who you are; more importantly, who you are not! You are not them. You are not their destructive pattern. You are not the gossiper. You are not the attacker. You are not their criticalness. You are not their judgment.

You are love. You are awareness. You are powerful.

Your light will continue to give others permission to shine their own light. Move towards the light! Move towards the higher vibration. Move towards boundaries. Move towards self-respect.

May you be the crab that sets yourself free one belief at time. Move towards your dreams and your vision. And watch how the universe moves toward you. It inspires for you! Now, go inspire others!

Free Crab,