Dear Libation Readers,

What is your libation of choice?

January 2015 rolled around, and I chose not to drink this year. It wasn’t because I had a drinking problem. It’s because I wanted to show up better in the world with a healthier mindset. I’ve watched the patterns of alcohol in my family when I grew up and I’ve watched the patterns of alcohol in my marriage and raising my sons. A little red wine here and there. A drink when I went out on date night.

But what I’ve learned through this process is… Do I need it? Hmm. Isn’t life interesting?

Now, I didn’t announce to everyone what I was doing it. Some things are personal. Some things are guided. Some things are my own convictions. I shared with my husband.

January rolled around and I began my book, Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina. I stayed super focused on writing. I wanted to stay balanced, not through off course. I desired to remain grounded, peaceful, and steady.

Two nights this year, I did have a cocktail. One was at a friend’s party and the other was on my twenty-year anniversary. My husband, Pierre, commented, “I thought you weren’t drinking.” I shared, “I’m celebrating twenty years together.” There were times we didn’t think that we would make it; but we did.

Have I wanted a drink? When I received my manuscript, I stayed up late to read it and make corrections. This process went back and forth through five revisions. And I thought I could sure use a glass of red wine. I realized having a glass of wine while making corrections on my manuscript would be counterproductive. I realized that I was seeking pleasure. I wanted to avoid the late nights and early mornings, and I sought pleasure. But with awareness, I knew that wouldn’t give me the pleasure I needed.

So my libations are alkaline water, herbal teas, San Pellegrino water, Raw Cacao and Kombucha.

Some people drink to relax, to escape, to avoid, to socialize. I came to the conclusion that I’m a lot of fun without the alcohol. Most people don’t realize that I’m not drinking. I order a virgin Bloody Mary or virgin Mojito. I crack up and laugh. One of my friend joked that there must be alcohol in my lemon ginger tea. All perspective. Isn’t it?