Dear Connecting Readers,

All your life is an intricate web unfolding. Places, people, events growing you and connecting you to lessons for your heart’s expansion and your soul’s evolution. Let’s connect the dots…

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about the following:

Writing – A form of expression.

Learning – A form of discovery.

Inspiring and helping others – A form of service.

Travel – A form of adventure.

Health – A form of well-being.

Where your attention goes, passion grows.

In The Seat of the Soul, Gary Zukav shares a beautiful description for authentic empowerment. He reveals, “Alignment of the personality with the soul.”

Your laughter is contagious.

Your smile is needed.

The twinkle in your eyes is magical.

Your melodic tone is beautiful.

The dimple of your check is noticed.

Your dancing style is wild and crazy.

Your listening ear is appreciated.

Your understanding voice is valued.

Your inner beauty is radiant.

Your confidence is strong.

Your courage is brave.

Your sensitivity is strength.

Your likes and dislikes are necessary.

Your value of life force in plants, animals, and humans is caring.

Your intuition is guidance.

Your connection to God is divine.

Your story is transformational.

Your message is powerful.

Your nonjudgmental attitude is healing.

Your presence is captivating.

All of you is needed.

What feeds your soul and allows you to connect to God?

What lessons have you come to learn?

What beliefs are unraveling?

What patterns are being released from your subconscious?

Are you noticing your growth?

Are you becoming more compassionate, loving and peaceful?

Are you here to share?

Your soul has a current. Listen to the direction that you are being pulled in. The soul pulls. The ego pushes. May you find the current of your soul and let it carry you into the ocean of bliss.

Your soul. Your experiences. Your passions. Your personality. These are all tools that God uses for you to fulfill your life purpose, your destiny, your mission.

You are waiting to be seen and heard in all your glory.

Don’t hide, suppress or repress pieces of you. But gather the wholeness of who you are and what you are meant to be in the world… A beautiful bright light full of love.

Keep connecting the dots!