Dear Compassionate and Sympathetic Readers,

I am sure at times you are compassionate and other times you are sympathetic. And there is a difference.

Compassion is a soul quality that radiates from the soul effortlessly towards someone who is suffering. But you see the person as whole. They are temporarily undergoing some challenge for their growth. The opportunity helps the person learn and grow from their challenge. Compassion is always a positive quality because you see the other as whole. And your compassion can be limitless. You know you are operating from a compassionate place because it doesn’t deplete you.

Sympathy isn’t a soul quality. You actually feel sorry for another because you see them as a victim and not whole. You focus on their suffering and their limitation which reinforces their victim-hood. Sympathy is not good for you or them. You open your field to them. You take on their energy, and you take on their negativity. It is not a healthy nor good boundary. You know you are operating from a sympathetic place because it depletes you.

Are you operating from a soul quality?

Are you offering compassion or sympathy?

Do you see the person as whole or broken?

Are you seeing this opportunity as a growth period?

Are you depleted?

Are you feeling sorry for another?

Are you taking on another’s energy field?

Are you taking on another’s negativity?

Are you practicing healthy boundaries?

I must admit that I operated more from a place of sympathy. It left me broken-hearted and I had nothing to offer from a place of inner peace and confidence. I was affected by another’s negativity that I lowered my vibration to match their negative vibration. And I unraveled because there were no boundaries and borders. I meshed and blended into another’ victim-hood. Where did I end and where did I begin? And I wanted to fix another to restore them to wholeness. Like I had the power to do that work for another. Well-intentional but definitely naive.

Compassion Jennifer first for yourself. Then you can extend it to another. There is nothing to fix. You are not broken. I am not broken. You are whole. I am whole. We are not victims. We are compassionate. And once you make that switch the tears melt away and you become empowered with an inner strength. And from that place, you have something to offer and something to give.

May you walk in compassion and watch your heart expand. You are whole!