Dear Agape Lovers,

“The seed of Agape love was implanted within us the moment we came into existence, and when our heart fully ripens, Agape love blossoms. We fertilize this seed of unconditional love not by merely having a spiritual practice but by continuously deepening our practice, so that year-after-year we become more spiritually mature lovers. It goes right to the inner work of strengthening our spiritual backbone so that we not only have compassion and forgiveness for ourselves, we also genuinely learn to ‘Bless those who curse you and pray for those who abuse you.’” ~ Michael Bernard Beckwith

Agape love is selfless, universal love. It’s love for one another in a holy and pure sense. It’s a spirit of healing as we identify with another human. We no longer see the separation and split from one another. We embrace the oneness, the stillness, the divineness, the beingness in another. All the bits and pieces that were scattered along the way are brought to wholeness, completion, perfection. It’s when we greet another spirit to spirit, soul to soul. A unique blendedness and deliciousness. Whereas Philia love is friendship, a non-affectionate love and Eros is passion baby of the sexual nature.

Are you ready for Agape love to blossom in your life? I AM. It’s our birthright. Our inheritance. The seed implanted in us before the beginning of time. I’m ready to reap the harvest of all the seeds that were planted in me. I’M READY. May my heart ripen to the fullness and deliciousness.

My garden is planted with unconditional love. I tried conditional love to bring me happiness. But guess what? It failed me every time. I don’t need conditions, events, circumstances, and people to make me happy. The unconditional love was planted in me. I just need to recognize it and all its wonder. May you fertilize your garden with unconditional love.

As we watch our garden bloom, we become more spiritually in tune, connected, aligned. We don’t need other’s approval, criticism, judgment. We can rest in our backbone of compassion and forgiveness – first for ourselves and then extend it to others.

We can “Bless those who curse you and pray for those who abuse you.” I’ve been cursed, mocked, laughed at. I’ve been abused emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. I have allowed unloving thoughts, unloving behaviors, and unloving patterns into my garden.

I no longer need to carry that burden anymore.

I choose differently.
I choose to pull the weeds of pain, suffering, and despair.

Have you been cursed?
Have you been abused?

What weeds can you pull in your garden?
What seeds can you plant in your garden?

May the seeds of Agape love fill you so you overflow with love, compassion, and forgiveness. It is well. Indeed, it is well with my soul.

Agape Love,