Dear Chrysanthemum Lovers,

I have a collection of stones, and they each have a healing property. Sometimes I meditate with them. Sometimes I leave a specific one on my desk while I am working. Sometimes one stays close in my pocket; other times in my bra. I know… up close and personal.

It’s the beginning of the year and time for a new stone for 2016. Sometimes I have my heart set on a particular one for a certain healing that I welcome. But on this day, I just felt it. And I came to the chrysanthemum. I love the black and the white flower since I am a flower child. And it has been used on me in a past healing. I picked it up because it resonated with me.

My friend, Brandi, asked, “You like that one?” I nodded yes. She pursued, “It makes you feel good?” And all I can say is yes. See Brandi didn’t need to understand why I was guided to buy a stone. She accepted it. She was in her heart of love and acceptance!

Sometimes we are reliving our own past wounds that were never healed.

I want to heal. Don’t you?

When I got home, I researched all the properties of chrysanthemum and got giddy like a child in a candy store or picking their snowball flavor.

And this is where it gets fun. Are you with me?

Chrysanthemum stone encourages synchroncity and luck. The energy brings joy and child-like happiness. It encourages you to be open and bloom in this present moment. And it gives you courage to live your dreams. Time to take action and manifest it into reality.

And I sent the following message on Facebook:

“Calling on all the energy shifters, miracle workers, light-bearers, lovers, teachers and healers for support…
I set this intention to make inspirational Hollywood movies.
‘I write from my heart and create from my soul filled with the colorful experiences from the beautiful places I visited; the unique trials I endured; the incredible people I met along the way; the bold growth that has taken place in me; and the depth of my character. From this rich well, I intimately write screenplays that invoke profound change, deep conversation, soul-searching, meaning and inspiration. And I will not negotiate my potential, passion, and promise to my vibrant soul and authentic self.’
Yet, it has taken this soul sister some years to integrate. But now, the intention is set in the universe. I am activated as a 5D BEing and beyond. I am using the gift of 11 with all it’s Divine Inspiration and Intuition and have come upon the season of 22 to build and create something beautiful.
My message is one of healing, inspiration, and love. So, I am asking for your support and positive energy to bring this manifestation forward this year 2016.
I remain radiant as the sunlight and humble as the moonbeam.”

Don’t hold back, hide or play small. Be authentic and that authentic side may be one of embracing a healing stone. For me, I chose the chrysanthemum!