Dear Changing Readers,

Do you know when you on a roll? Are you seeing the fruit manifest in your life? Are you changing? We all are on some level. We are not static human beings. We are evolving human beings. Sometimes we see our change. Other times, we don’t. But when we don’t, we get glimpses through the eyes of others. What beauty! What sharing!

Lately, people have been commented on my growth. They see me changing.

My mom visited and commented, “You seem calmer. The house feels peaceful.”

My friend Danielle (really my daughter) visited, and she said, “The energy in your home shifted. It’s more peaceful.” Later, she texted, “You are different. Now it’s like you love so much just by being you.” That’s what shifted… me!

Pierre said, “You are changing. I am in absolute awe of YOU, so proud, so amazed, so thankful, and so love you. The beauty of your voice and song is powerful, majestic, life-giving… and you are just getting started.”

Now for the big game changer…

I was called into a meeting at Gabriel’s school on a touchy topic. Later that evening, Gabriel told me THREE times how proud he was of me. “You handled the situation so calmly. You could have been a lawyer. Mom, you didn’t react.” I realized in that moment we are truly one, and I know him very well. I shared an exercise on boundaries and triggers that will carry him far in life. I’m just learning it myself. The next morning, Gabriel shared, “Mom, I want to congratulate you again. How you responded was truly amazing. And my favorite line is ‘I know my son.’” And I truly do. I smiled. Not bragging about me but realizing that he appreciated and recognized something DIFFERENT in me. BINGO. Calm. Balanced. Whole. Healed. Compassionate in my communication. Choosing to respond and not react. Empathetic listening. Giving my presence. Oh Jennifer, you come so far. And you are going the distance!

This is not to toot my own horn but to celebrate my victories. Many times, we are so hard on ourselves. We keep criticizing ourselves instead of approving of ourselves. And we can get jaded along the way.

Take a moment to survey people’s encouraging comments. Remember, sometimes we see our growth. Other times we don’t see our growth. But when we don’t, we get glimpses through the eyes of other.

Celebrate your victories. Celebrate your growth. Celebrate and have a good time. Let’s celebrate!

Changing & Celebrating,