Dear Cautionary Readers,

Some days it’s good to exercise caution before you speak and act, especially if you aren’t in a good mood.

Up close and personal on a touchy situation…

Lucas loves sports, especially football. I attend the games and practices; I cheer from the sidelines. And I get to observe human behavior. It’s something that I’m attuned to.

One mother belabored her non-playing son from the sidelines. She corrected her son relentlessly. Her tone was harsh. I could sense her anger, frustration, and short temper. She even told her son not to sit on the grass. And when he did, she made him stand up. It was a comment, remark, criticism every minute. It was not life-giving. It was tear-down. And all I could do is feel for her son… feel his disconnect, feel his hurt, feel his pain, feel his longing.

It was time for another game. And the same lady and her son sat next to me. Of course, I was excited. Could my presence make a difference? Could my light shine brightly in this situation? Could I extend more love? And the answer was yes. How it is received is something else, but not my doing. I have a responsibility to show up whole, complete and authentic. So I pursued the young boy’s name, his school, his grade. And he answered but didn’t want to make eye contact with me. That’s okay. But as I asked questions, he sat very close to his mom. He kept leaning on her and should would push him off. He nestled his head on her lap and she told him, “to get off; he’s too old!” It was time for me to go into meditation, to connect with my guidance. I prayed silently. I asked for more light and love to be shown into her heart. I prayed for the boy to know he is loved. And you want to know what happened? They literally got up and moved to another section. The spirit world was making contact with her and she was still resistant, cold, and angry.

I continued to watch the boy. Thankfully, the dad joined them. He leaned on his dad, and the dad allowed it. The boy leaned on his mom, and she literally pushed him that he fell to the ground. Now, she may think that no one sees her behavior. But I observed it clearly. Sources sees it and continues to love her unconditionally.

We are all mirrors of each other. What was she mirroring in me?

When I have I been dismissive?

When have I been angry?

When have I been resistant and cold?

When have I nagged someone incessantly?

When has my temper and tone been harsh?

When have I pushed someone away… literally or metaphorically?

We all have shadow parts within us. Dark places that want to hide. But the more we allow the light and love to pierce our hearts, we move towards compassion, awareness, joy, peace.

You may not have kids. You may have a spouse or partner. But this is for any relationship.

When have you been dismissive?

When have you been angry?

When have you been resistant and cold?

When have you nagged someone incessantly?

When has your temper and tone been harsh?

When have you pushed someone away… literally or metaphorically?

May your heart be pierced with truth, and that truth begins and ends with awareness. With awareness, you allow; you change; you evolve. May you keep your heart wide open. May the shadows within move towards the marvelous light. You are so worth it! Gloriously worthy!

Leaning into more love,