Dear Soulful Readers,

Do you ever get carried away? I would lose track of time. I became boundless.

What carried me away?


Reading – Books, Newsletters, Articles
Cleaning, Organizing, Laundry, Cooking
Certain People
Drew (Our Dog)
Obligations – School, Family, Household
Running the Streets – Errands, Grocery, Gym
Calls, Texts, Emails
Dreaming, Imagination
Inner Critic – Over-Analyzing, Criticizing, Judging

I paid attention to a new awareness of receiving information. I laid in the grass during my heart meditation and held my own heart. A profound experience. My meditation revealed that I was always carried along.


Clarity (My Intention)
Compassion (Self-Love & Self-Care)
Courage (To Speak & Change)
Confidence (2013 Word of the Year)
Commitment (Daily Moving Forward While Staying Grounded)
Cycles (The Ebb and Flow of the Seasons of Life)
Chakra (Effortless Energy Flowing)
Channel (Bridge Between Conscious and Subconscious)
Connection (My Strength & Desire!!!)

I am carried along by the Divine, Guardian Angels, and Universal Forces directing me to a destiny and destination. I’m raised, pushed, and guided into new territory.

I cried when I got the awareness of Acceptance, Understanding, Forgiveness, and Compassion for myself.

~ Accepting that I have the tendency to get carried away and not to go into good vs. bad thinking or beat myself up.
~ Understanding my coping mechanisms of escape, fun, creativity, insights, and discovery.
~ Forgiving myself for sometimes getting off track, even in the discipline of the boys.
~ Compassion for myself because all these things created the woman I am today.

God, Source, the Divine intimately wants to be with me. He cherishes me with an everlasting love. He placed His heart in mine. His presence in me. His plans and purposes in me. Carried Along… The energy is ever present.

I ask for another dance as the Divine spins me around again. I can trust myself and my intuition. I’m strong. He made me that way.

I come forth in my essence of divinity, femininity, masculinity, raw, soulful, energy. I’m stripped away as the Divine makes all things new. He makes me new each day. Expanding my heart. More compassion for myself and others.

As my meditation came to a delightful closure, I sat up in the grass. I wiped my tears as I held a blade of grass in my hand.

Snapshot back in time… Jennifer as a three-year-old girl sitting in the grass in a blue smocked dress with big blue eyes and fair skin.

Snapshot forward in time… Jennifer walks naked across a field, clothed in love. Not carried away but carried along. Heart to heart. Hand in hand. Feeling my rhythm. Standing raw in my essence.

May you stand strong in your essence. From experience to experience, you are marvelously being carried along!

Always Carried Along,