Dear Captivating Readers,

I love volunteering at Lucas’s school. I love going on field trips. I love attending his musical performances. I am captivating by his world!

I attended his school performance. All the kids worked on their project for a month. All the love, energy and time put into a famous person. Lucas selected Walt Disney.

walt-disney-lucasLucas as Walt Disney

The other day, Lucas came home from school and shared how they dissected squids. He even made a slideshow on his iPad. I’m enamored by his creative side.

But I loved the Historic Downtown Encinitas field trip.

I was there as a chaperone, but I was also there as a student. I learned that La Paloma Theater means “The Dove.” Switchfoot, Jay Leno and Pearl Jam played there.

la-palomaLa Paloma Theater

I ate at restaurants on a strip but didn’t know it was once the Encinitas Hotel. In fact, the third floor door was removed because bats were in the attic.

I admired the Old Schoolhouse that was built in 1883 and held classes for kindergartens to eighth graders.

old-schoolhouse1883 Old Schoolhouse

We visited Self Realization Fellowship and the steps at Swami’s Beach.

We enjoyed the Boathouses that have never seen water.

the- boathousesThe Boathouses

Then, we arrived at Moonlight Beach. A perfect setting as Lucas dazzled us with facts.

moonlight-beachGlorious Moonlight Beach

Lucas shared, “Have you ever wondered how Moonlight Beach has changed over the years? There are different stories of how Moonlight got its name. In 1928, a boat from Mexico carrying illegal alcohol ran ashore and spilled it all over the beach. The moon was bright against the sand, and the bottles were easy to see in the moonlight. Another possible story for its name was from midnight picnics on the beach in the early 1900’s. People came to the bathhouse built on Moonlight Beach because there was no running water in their homes. Between 1915 to 1925, Moonlight Beach attracted residents for social outings. They had a pool hall, dance hall, restaurant and horse racing. You could also drive a Model T car on the beach from Moonlight to Oceanside Beach. Moonlight Beach has evolved over the years. Today, people can enjoy a playground, snack bar, fire pits, volleyball courts, showers and summer camps. There is a large lifeguard station for safely. In conclusion, you should see how Moonlight Beach has changed over the years. Will there be warm showers or robotic lifeguards in the future? Future generations will continue to enjoy this great beach.”

When you enter someone’s world, you connect. Not only do you gain understanding about the other person, but you also gain understanding about yourself.

May you remain captivated by someone’s world because you gain insight into your world.