Dear Surviving or Thriving Readers,

Where do you find yourself? Are you surviving or are you thriving?


Can you survive when your husband leaves you, not for another woman, but for another man?

Can you survive when you discover your husband has a porn addiction and he is the pastor of a church?

Can you survive the abnormal findings on your pap smear?

Can you survive the same sex position for another twenty years?

Can you survive your wife cheating with your best friend?

Can you survive another night sleeping in separate rooms?

Can you survive your friends suing you?

Can you survive your family members gossiping about you? What about your dear friends?

Can you survive when your credit card gets declined again?

Can you survive running that red light?

Can you survive the excruciating migraine when your kids are fighting?

Can you survive the notice of default letters in the mail?

Can you survive your aging parent’s Alzheimer diagnosis and forgetting who you are?

Can you survive the rise in gas prices?

Can you survive another parent-teacher conference, only to hear the faults of your child?

Can you survive no health insurance?

Can you survive your son yelling that he hates your guts?

Can you survive?

Are you prepared?

Well-equipped and intentionally prepared for the ups and downs of life. Can you make it through another day without pills to get by? Can you make it through another day without the numbness of TV? Can you stand strong and authentically you without living someone else’s life vicariously?

Life is full of detours, curve balls, dodge balls, and uncertainties. Most people are: barely surviving to make ends meet, struggling to raise kids, and wrestling with the deafening silence in their marriage.

Another day. Yes, another day.

I needed to be prepared: if Pierre and I got a divorce… if my son died… if our home was foreclosed… when our home was destroyed.

No one could turn my life around but me. I couldn’t change anyone or anything. If I did, it became a measure of control. Yes, well-intentional but nonetheless control.

Ready? I am. Prepared? Fully.” (Excerpt from Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina)

The goal is to move from LIFE STORMS to LIFE SCRIPTS to LIFE SUCCESS… from “Surviving to Thriving!”