Dear Kissing Lips Readers,

Well today wasn’t a day to kiss lips. Lucas fell on his ATV and busted his lip.

And this is how the story goes…

I was in the kitchen… ready to practice some imperative self-care and take a 15 minute nap. Pierre came rushing through the garage door. Pierre shouted, “Quick! Get the ice. The ice. Lucas is hurt!” I immediately got the ice. Lucas walked in the door with blood running down his face. I immediately grabbed him on my lap and placed the ice on his lips. His right leg couldn’t stop shaking.

Pierre was pacing. He explored, “What happened? Did you flip forward?” Lucas removed the ice from his lips and shared, “No daddy. I was just driving.” Pierre pursued, “You hit the rock.” Lucas kindly spoke, “I was just looking at the houses. I got distracted for a moment. And I hit the rock.” Pierre elaborated, “Your mouth hit the handle bars.” Lucas guessed, “I think. I don’t know.” Pierre rushed with the flashlight to see if Lucas’s tooth went through his top lip.

Now, the whole time this exchange happened… I maintained my alignment. I maintained my high vibration. In fact, I opened my heart chakra and Lucas’s heart chakra to go deeper. I comforted him. I rubbed his forehead. I touched his shaking leg, and it quieted.

And I watched Pierre’s reaction. The panic. The Life Storm. The survival mentality. And I extended compassion. I understood where he was coming from and I was truly thankful that I grew past that survival reaction. I can stay calm. I can maintain my vibration. I can thrive during this Life Storm. And sweet Lucas can feel my energy… of strength, of confidence, of love.

Pierre watched me. He didn’t say anything. But as he gained his composure, he shifted. Pierre shared, “Lucas, I am sorry for my reaction. Gabriel has been through 13 surgeries, and I’m a little sensitive.” I knew where Pierre was coming from. We’ve been through so much. But we’ve also grown so much.

Are you reacting?

Are you repeating a pattern?

Are you responding compassionately?

Are you maintain your vibration?

Are you staying in alignment?

Are you surviving or thriving?

Are you opening your heart?

It takes different Life Storms to get our attention and to welcome a gentler way of BEing. I AM there… thankfully with grace, strength, confidence, and courage. I AM Thriving!

Thankfully thriving,


The photo is a week old.