Dear Searching Readers,

Are you sick of wandering and being scattered? What if you could direct that energy from unproductive ways to productive ways?

Bull’s eye!!! Ready to hit it? Let’s get that game on and go for it.


If Bull’s Eye is the target, what was tripping me up?

F.E.A.R. ~ False Evidence Appearing Real
DOUBT ~ Lack of Trust
UNCERTAINTY ~ Unassured in self, direction, and path

Time to get control of my mind – the most important first step. I can’t get to the other steps until I have CLARITY OF MIND. I had to watch for the F.E.A.R., Doubt, and Uncertainty. I had to be vigilant of how my mind was working. We spend endless hours training our bodies, but what about our mind? Can I master it? Yes… with AWARENESS.

Ready to master? These are things that have helped me along the way.


  • Watch for Patterns of self-destruction, sabotage, struggle, and suffering. And choose patterns that are life-giving, encouraging, affirming, and abundant.
  • Rest in the Universal Forces by putting by attention on the unseen versus seen.
  • Dismiss Harmful and Hurtful Thoughts. Get out of that attack mode. Attacking myself. Attacking others. Ultimately attacking myself! See the love in myself and others. Recognize. Dismiss.
  • Identify Triggers. The things that piss me off. I can react or respond. Caution ~ Laughter is medicine.
  • Discernment. Glorious discernment! Recognizing illusion and fantasy from reality. Truth and lies.

Silence is an ocean. When the ocean is searching for you, don’t walk the language-river. Listen to the ocean, and bring your talky business to an end.” ~ RUMI

The talky business is a self-imposed prison. Enslaved… by self. Chains around your neck. A slow and painful death. Well, no more!!!

I had to…
~ Quiet that freaking mind!
~ Believe in myself that I am confident and secure.
~ Surround myself with positive people.
~ Create a solid foundation with a harmonious environment.
~ Listen to my senses, sensitivity, guide, and heart.

I had a choice to turn things around. No one could do it for me. Time to master my game. Time to hit my target of Bull’s Eye.

Are you ready? What triggers you? What thoughts do you practice that are hurtful and damaging? Can you practice the art and gift of discernment? Can you practice loving yourself and others unconditionally?

I choose. I choose me. I choose awareness. I choose mastery. Bull’s Eye. I’m going for that target. No holding back.

Bull’s Eye,