Dear Full Readers,

I cooked dinner. Lucas ate but was ready to head to his friend’s house. I encourage my boys to bring their plate to the counter and not leave it on the table. Helpful for me. And it discourages the dog from jumping on the table.

I was cooking on my stove-top when I heard the loud noise. BAM! I jumped and turned around. The plate shattered into pieces. And Lucas stood still and cried.

I reacted, “You broke the plate. Grab the dog.” And he stood there crying. I grabbed the dog and put him outside. The dog was cared for. Now, it was time to care for Lucas.

I asked, “Why are you crying? Did it scare you? Or do you think I’m mad at you?” Lucas whimpered, “I think you are mad at me.” I kneeled down and hugged him. I assured, “I’m not mad at. There is nothing that you can do to separate my love from you.” Lucas continued, “But the plate was heavy and I…” I replied, “Lucas, I’m not worry about the plate. Accidents happen. I cracked the glass on my iPhone last week. Remember?” He nodded. I questioned, “It didn’t scare you? The loud noise?” Lucas responded, “No.” I offered, “It startled me. And I need to make sure Drew (our dog) doesn’t walk in the glass.” I continued hugging him. I wanted him to feel safe, secure, loved, and loving. I wiped his tears.

Nothing can separate my love from you. Isn’t that how God responds to us? He graciously loves us in every moment even when we perceive wrongness or we are mad at Him or we don’t seek His presence.

I realized in this moment I wanted to repair the situation. I wanted to assure Lucas. I wanted to know what he perceived. And I wanted to share from my heart. I am in love with Lucas. I don’t just love Lucas. I am his mom. We are eternal beings that have come together for such a time as this. I wanted to heal him with a motherly love, divinely guided and divinely inspired.

Isn’t perception interesting?

In every moment, you have a choice with perception and reaction.

You can perceive love or perceive fear.

You can react harshly or respond compassionately.

And yes, I jumped. But my heart was pure. I pray daily for God to give me clean hands and a pure heart to love from my Beingness. It is what I have to offer and where I can genuinely and graciously give from this deep well.