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Dear Breakfast Lovers,

Do you enjoy a delicious breakfast? How about someone cooking it for you? Even better, how about someone bringing it to you… in bed I might add? We know it’s not Mother’s Day, but it is Brother’s Day.

I cook the majority of meals with the exception clause – boys make their own breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning. I can’t say it has always panned out for the best. It may be a bowl of cereal. But I know two things for sure:

1) My boys aren’t missing any meals.

2) It may be a simple bowl of cereal. But food is good. Simple is great.

However, on this particular moment, they chose a different approach. Gabriel approached me, “Mom, I need ingredients for an omelet.” We ventured to the grocery store. Teaching Gabriel and Lucas to be proactive. At the store, my boys combed the aisles in a wild fashion for green onions, mushrooms, cheese, and eggs. Oh, I could hear their giggles from a different aisle. Oh, I could hear their feet run with glee. I made it to the checkout counter while they went back to find the mushrooms.

A lady approached me with “Are those your boys?” “Yes,” I replied. Wondering what those two are up to. She encouraged, “Your older son is really good with his younger brother. In fact, it’s quite beautiful to watch.” I smiled and thanked her.


Gabriel wakes up before Lucas. On his own, he made an omelet and put a love note on his nightstand. Really, it was a love note on Lucas’s bookmarker. Gabriel penned, “Love Gabriel.” And voilà an omelet was delivered on Lucas’s nightstand. I thanked Gabriel for taking the initiative. Lucas thanked him for a wonderful treat. And it was a great Saturday! No fights. No quarrels. Well, at least nothing major.



Lucas tiptoes to see if Gabriel is awake. He rushes in my room full of delight. “Mom, I want to make Gabriel breakfast, but I can only reach certain things,” he eagerly shared. I encouraged, “Do what you can.” And indeed he did. He made a waffle. Gabriel was about to say that the waffle was hard. But before those words could come out his mouth and hurt the gift giver, Lucas, I redirected him. And again there were… No Fights, No quarrels.

Kindness Begets Kindness.

What kind thing can you do for another today? Maybe it’s breakfast in bed, calling a friend, picking up flowers for a neighborhood, going with a friend to a doctor appointment, watching a friend’s talkative child, or picking up your neighbor’s child from school when they are in a jam. You decide!

But remember some things are quite simple and quite beautiful in life… Kindness Begets Kindness.


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