Dear Dog Lovers & Storytellers,

When children bring their school work home, we must decipher what to keep and what to toss. This is a keeper! Lucas explains the love of his dog. Sweet memories indeed. Enjoy.

Drew is a silly, fun dog who loves me and my mom. Drew loves to play with me and my brother. Drew loves to grab my stuffed animals and run away. Drew is a fun dog when me or my brother walk him. We also feed him when he is hungry. Whenever we take him on a walk, he see other dogs that he likes to play with.


In the mornings, he wakes me up by licking me in bed. He goes to bed in a crate but before he goes to bed, he comes to my bedroom and lays on the bottom of the bed.

Drew loves food. He tries to get the snacks or lunch, breakfast, and dinner.

Drew runs in a circle a lot of times. Drew runs outside when he gets excited or he goes to play outside. He plays catch with the tennis ball. Sometimes in the afternoon when my dad is here, he barks at the people that walk by the fence.

He tries to play football or soccer, but he can’t kick the ball or throw the ball to a person that’s wide open in the red zone.

I love Drew!



Hug your kids even if they are too big. They really love it. And enjoy all the mischievous and wonderful moments an animal adds to your life. In this case, it’s a boy and his dog!

Animal Lover & Kid Lover,