Dear Healthy Readers,

Do you possess healthy boundaries or unhealthy boundaries?

Well, what exactly is a boundary? Boundaries are a set limit, where you begin and where you end… and where another begins and where another ends. Boundaries allow you to have your healthy space and another to have their healthy space. Not flexible. Not rigid. Imperative! Setting boundaries is imperative self-care. They allow self-respect and self-discipline. You don’t feel taken advantage of. Yes means yes. No means no. You take responsibility for what is yours and return to sender what doesn’t belong with you anymore. You are no longer triggered because it has been removed from your subconscious mind and brought into greater awareness.

What is NOT Acceptable…

Someone cursing you out.

Someone telling you to divorce your spouse.

Someone telling you to get all new friends.

Someone lying to you.

Someone energetically going into your space to ascertain information about you and then using it against you.

Someone telling you what you should to.

Someone telling you how to dress, eat, act.

Someone criticizing your life purpose.

Someone telling you that you are wrong.

Someone threatening you.

Someone treating you like a child.

Someone correcting your parental style with your own kids.

Someone devaluing your worth.

Someone dis-empowering you.

Someone telling you that you are not a healer.

Someone telling you that your energy is big like Oprah and tone it down.

Someone criticizing your children.

Someone reminding you not to dream big because you have insufficient funds.

Someone coaching you based on their ego-tripping and not their spirit-loving.

Someone projecting their fear onto you.

Someone judging you.

Someone repeatedly asking you to pay for their services but give your services away to them for free.

Someone who wants to give you advice but not receive your wisdom.

Someone telling you that his/ her inner guidance has the answer and not your own inner guidance.

When I write, I heal. When I heal, I accept myself beautifully flawed in every way. (Click to Tweet) I’ve discovered my identity, stability, worth, power, purpose.

I was once told that my biggest problem in life is that I loved others too much. I pondered that statement with astonishment. Can a person love too much? The person shared, “It’s time to love yourself Jennifer.” And it took me a little while to process and digest the medicine of that statement. But spirit graciously enlightened me with fresh understanding, clarity, and healing. I learned about myself by understanding my patterns. I have been exposed to unhealthy relationships because I didn’t know what healthy relationships looked like. It was revealed to me in perfect timing. I discovered my self-worth, self-love, self-compassion, self-respect, and self-forgiveness. I learned healthy boundaries. I changed!

When this pattern was unveiled and boundaries were implemented, relationships changed. Some relationships I let go of because they no longer served my higher good. Other relationships I embraced with integrity because healthy boundaries were respected.

But the greatest relationship that transformed is with myself! In loving myself, my soul continues to evolve and embody more of spirit. No turning back!

Healthy Boundary Lover,

Photo Credit: David Goehring