Jennifer Gremillion | Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina
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Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina

Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina, a true story, was released August 12, 2015 in light of the ten year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

I am so excited to share my new book with you!

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This has been a labor of love or really my passion of love. I HEALED through this book and my message is to spread love and heal others. I’ve been set FREE!

Life Scripts: Hurricane KatrinaWe all go through storms in life or Life Storms. We either crumble or courageously come out of it with a story to tell.

A Life Storm is the precipitating event, the trigger that incites a reaction. Unfortunately, it is usually the same reaction – an ingrained pattern that knocks you down.

Life Scripts are often described as the expectations and beliefs of others that form a script for us to live by. Many people are actors and follow the prescribed script. Some don’t question and don’t change it. When we realize that we are living out a script that was written “for us” and not “by us,” we can write our own Life Script. I discarded my old scripts. I edited, directed, and created a new one with awareness. I wrote a Life Script with beauty, meaning, and understanding. I became the master of my heart and soul.

This book is the first in the series of Life Storms that uses Life Scripts as a technique. My intention is to impact and encourage the reader to go on their own self-discovery process. I pose questions and points for reflection. This writing experience is called Life Scripts.

The goal is to move from LIFE STORMS to LIFE SCRIPTS to LIFE SUCCESS!

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Peggy McColl

New York Times Best Selling Author

Get ready to be captivated on an emotional ride as Jennifer eloquently and beautifully shares the most amazing life experiences.

Katerina Kapellaki

Global interior Designer / International Speaker / TV Host

You are such an inspirational writer... Your book is just what we all need to be inspired.

Monica Da Maren

International Best Selling Author

A compelling story of heartaches and triumphs; of going through many life's battles simultaneously and how to overcome and rise above it all! From the moment you start to read Life Storms you will be captivated. The labor of love Jennifer has put into this book is outstanding. As she shares her stories, the tools and insights you read are instrumental in elevating your awareness in personal happiness, results and attitude throughout your Life Storms.

Wendy Ditta

Wendy Ditta


An intriguing and emotional read. I was captivated from the very beginning. Jennifer vividly describes her Life Storms and shares a vulnerable moment in time… One of them I know all too well having experienced Hurricane Katrina myself. I found myself crying, laughing and smiling. You can feel the love coming from the pages of this book. Jennifer encourages you to look deep within and face your very own Life Storms.

Tilly Dunn

International Best Selling Co-Author of Unwavering Strength. Volume 2.

Jennifer rewrote, redirected, and recreated her Life Script throughout Hurricane Katrina. Her life affirming patterns were renewed and refreshed. Her thinking patterns focused on compassion, gratefulness and celebration. Jennifer wrote that, ‘Human suffering can be put to an end when you invite a compassionate, celebratory and grateful mindset.’ Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing your transparency. Every reader is invited to tune in to the frequency of Spirit, Energy, and Source.

Phyllis King

The Common Sense Psychic and the author of The Energy of Abundance

This book is a potent and powerful testament to the depth and resiliency of the human spirit. It illustrates how we are all interconnected with each other. It gives a riveting look into our divine spiritual reality and how each of us can access peace and abundance. The courage Jennifer demonstrates in putting a beautiful frame around many devastating experiences is nothing short of inspiring. To many of us these experiences would bring us to our knees. Jennifer teaches us how to see the beauty and miracle in some of the most difficult experiences imaginable. I was most moved by the honesty, strength and love that emanated through this book and how Jennifer skillfully wrote with intention and passion. A powerful and inspirational read for anyone who needs to make sense of chaos and explain why things happen that cannot be explained. Bravo Jennifer...beautiful work.

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