Dear Traveling Readers,

I flew back to New Orleans – the place that I born, raised and lived for most of my adulthood years. But this time, it was to go on book tour for Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina.

I arrived with eagerness and lightness, gratefulness and growth, newness and now-ness. If you would have told me that I would be on this path a year ago, I may have laughed. But then again, I had my share of self-doubt and thankfully I embraced life-affirming patterns. I let of of the tight grip and unyielding approach to life and surrendered to this present moment full of wonder, adventure, and opportunity. As a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, I transformed, transcended and soared. I took my past experiences and made it into some beautiful.

Beautiful things are made from chaos, pain, and suffering. Beautiful things are made from joy, order, and celebration.

These are the beautiful things that I experienced today…

I had a wonderful luncheon at Desi Vega’s Steakhouse and speaking engagement with a lovely group of women and a gentleman at the Louisiana Center for Women in Government and Business. It was my first book speaking engagement and first book signing. I couldn’t have asked for such a wonderful group of warm, inviting, generous people. I may live in a different state but coming home reminds me of the love of people… the love of culture… the love of community… the love of connections and of course food! They were gracious with their time and asked insightful questions. Thank you President of the Louisiana Center for Women in Government and Business Board of Directors Sandra Herman for having me as your guest speaker today. And I thank everyone there for making it extra special for me.


The wonderful LCWGB Luncheon Attendees

A lady at the luncheon shared that there was a great big light behind me as I spoke. When she closed her eyes, she could still see me and the white light. Isn’t that amazing? As you step out of darkness, you step into light. So many of us are living with shame, doubt and fear; we are holding onto an unforgiving spirit, most likely towards ourselves; and we feel devastated. We have not given ourselves permission to walk in the marvelous light where true glory awaits us.

Will you give yourself permission?

Will you let go of the past, the history, the unforgiven spirit?

Will you walk into your marvelous light of brilliance?

Will you step into newness and now-ness?

Will you practice gratefulness and experience growth?

Will you walk with eagerness and lightness?

I shared this pictures from the event. My husband, Pierre, texted me, “Wow!! You are glowing. You are being seen in your full glory. Love ya.”


With Laura Badeaux and President of LCWGB Sandra Herman

It was a beautiful today to show up and be present and receive all the goodness and sweetness of the day.

How was your day?

Are you receiving the goodness and sweetness of the day?

It’s is never too late to show up in the world authentically you.

Book Signing, Book Speaking, Book Loving, Book Reading and it all began by showing up authentically me.

With Love,