Dear Fashion Readers,

I spoke Margarita Bergen’s Round Table luncheon at Antoine’s Restaurant. I met Bonnie Warren who is a writer for Biz New Orleans. Bonnie writes a fashion blog.

I was featured in Biz New Orleans Magazine on September 8th. The suggested venue for the photographs was Faulkner House Books in Pirate Alley. I said yes with a big grin and this is why…

I met a new friend, Wayne C. Larocque at a conference. Wayne approached me on break. He ushered, “Jennifer, you have a very powerful voice. You sound like William Faulkner.”

Wayne opened up his laptop to shared the beauty of William Faulkner’s words. I was in awe. I thought, I don’t sound like that. But again, these were my thoughts. How did I present myself? How did others perceive my writing? What resonated with them? I looked around and saw so much beauty in others. I heard delightful words. I witnessed dancing and sharing. But William Faulkner? He is one of the great writers!

Once again, I came full circle appreciating all the divine appointments and synchronicities as I ventured to Faulkner House Book to be photographed.

Wayne shared, “I am amazed and moved by your story and the kind of depth, determination, growth and love that have driven and keep driving you forward… how deeply you’ve searched your soul, challenged your trauma, and are determined to overcome whatever’s in your way to a bigger, better, healed you. That’s real life in all its flawed perfection.”

I was delighted to show up in gorgeous jewel-tone clothes at the historic Faulkner House Books and photographed by lovely Cheryl Gerber.

Check out the link below to read the article.:

All love and fashion,

Photo Credit: Cheryl Gerber