Dear Curious Readers,

I know by the title “Birds and Bees” that I got you hooked. Curious to see what Jennifer is blogging about today. Right?!

I value transparency and connection. No subject is off limits. Gabriel approached me with pensive questions about sex. Time for the birds and bees talk. Gabriel pondered, “Mom, you said that I can talk to you about anything.” I assured, “Of course.”

We ventured into porn. I said, “Look, other kids can look at porn and show you porn. But it’s not real. All the stuff can get in your head. Get under your skin. Then, when you are a man, you think sex should be a porn act. But it’s not a porn show. It’s an act of love. And once sex is seen in the light of marriage, your bed is undefiled. Bring it on. Have fun. Sex is supposed to be fun. But your wife may not be that porn star. But she will be your lover and best friend. And you can have fun.”

Gabriel took it all in. I said, “Porn can be disturbing. Listening to other guys talk trash can be disturbing. Making love with your wife will not be disturbing.”

Gabriel exited the room.

And I patted myself on the back. Truthfully, for my son to feel comfortable to ask me sex questions is huge. Usually a son goes to their dad. But Pierre is out of town. Don’t worry. When Pierre arrived in town, Gabriel had more questions. And more questions.

Pierre assured that this is normal. And it’s great that Gabriel is coming to us.

Do you remember the birds and bees talk with your parents?
Did you feel comfortable approaching your parents?
Did you wish you had the birds and bees talk?
If you have kids, are you approachable on all matters, sex included?
What makes one child approach his parent(s) and another child avoid his parent(s)?

I rather and prefer my boys to come to me… come to us on all matters. And I promise that I will answer honestly to the best of my ability and their maturity level. Truthfully, kids just want the truth, and they can handle the truth. You’ll be quite amazing how resilient they are. Porn included.

Having Fun,