Dear BioMat Readers,

What is a BioMat? I asked the same question to my chiropractor when he suggested that I try one. I laid on the BioMat 7000 MX a few years ago and the rest was history.

It is an infrared pad which uses a crystalline material to convert conductive heat into radiant heat. It uses the natural crystal of amethyst. The device heats the amethyst crystals and then amethyst crystals heat the body. It’s an alternative to an infrared sauna.

We purchased the Professional or Pro BioMat and the BioMat Mini. They both feel the same heat wise. The BioMat Mini feels a little more energizing while the Professional BioMat is more calming.

The Professional BioMat has 18 pounds of amethyst crystals covering its entire surface. Amethyst has healing properties such as strengthening the immune system, reduces pain, aids in tissue regeneration, helps with tension and headaches.

Basically, you lay down on it which makes relaxing. It warms the whole body evenly and allows the head to stay cool at the same time. The warmth is distributed evenly throughout the body, not just on the skin. It feels like a hot stone therapy. It relieves pain. If I feel run down, I lay on it for 20 minutes It rejuvenates me. You can sleep on it. It’s not the most comfortable sleep. My older son sleeps on it nightly and loves it.

We also purchased the BioMat Mini which is extremely portable. It has the same functions as the Professional BioMat just smaller in size. The BioMat Mini resides on my office chair while I work.

It contains alternating rows of amethyst and tourmaline stones; whereas the Professional BioMat only uses amethyst. Tourmaline is also a natural healing crystal like amethyst. It aids in the detox process of the body and emits negative ions and far-infrared rays. There are different settings and different durations for each setting. You can use it in certain parts of your body for instance, neck or  back while watching TV or reading a book. You can even use the BioMat Mini in the car for daily uses or long road trips. You bring the beauty of the infrared pad with you.

The overall goal with the BioMat is to reduce stress, improve circulation, strengthen the immune system, aid in detoxification, and relieve pain.

It is another tool in your toolbox to try. No different than the grounding and earthing tools. Something to try and maybe incorporate if it resonates with you. I’ve been happy with mine and just sharing the health knowledge and the healing.

BioMat lover,